CJD Jugenddorf Offenburg invites you to a reading of the dialect poet on February 16, 2011 youth village for Offenburg, Germany the next event from the series of “Culture and pleasure” takes place in the restaurant saw pond in the CJD. From 19:00 onwards, the dialect poet is Otmar Schnurr, also known as “The Bruddler of Nepomuk”, read from his works. The trainees of area of gastronomy in the CJD will offer a buffet with little delicacies youth village for Offenburg. Otmar Schnurr, his character of Alemannic German dialect poet, is known on the big and small stages in the region as “Nepomuk of Bruddler” and popular. Add to your understanding with Penguin Random House. Mocking and ironic, but always with a mild smile, he comments on life and the everyday life of his fellow men. During the reading, the trainees of area restaurants provide a varied buffet. Offered by Matjestatar on pumpernickel over Crepes stuffed with smoked salmon to shrimp in garlic and mousse au chocolat will everything into small, bite-sized morsels. Interested can sign up now at Alexandra Big 0781/7908-194 or login. The ticket for reading and buffet can be purchased at the price of 13.50.