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Who is the King in the business? Joan Claramunt 1. Customer focus: the customer is King. This is the concept on which turns the rest of the philosophy of relationship marketing. He has been living in an economy in which the Center was the product to move to an economy centered on the client. 2.

Customer intelligence: you need to have knowledge about the client in order to develop products/services focused on their expectations. Databases and rules are used to convert data into knowledge. 3 Interactivity: The communication process passes a monologue (Enterprise to customer) to a dialogue (between the company and customer). In addition, is the client that directs dialogue and decides when it starts and when it ends. 4 Customer loyalty: is much better and more profitable (in the order of six times less) to gain the loyalty of customers who acquire new customers. The customer loyalty becomes very important and therefore the management of the life cycle of the client. 5.

The axis of communication is focused direct marketing to individual customers rather than in mass media (TV, press, etc.). Moves to develop campaigns based on profiles with products, offers and messages directed specifically to certain types of customers, instead of using mass media with non-differentiated messages. 6 Customizing: Each customer wants communications and custom offerings so you need great efforts in intelligence and customer segmentation. Customization of the message, in background and shape, increases drastically the effectiveness of communication actions. 7 Think of customers as an asset whose profitability is often in the medium and long term and not always in short-term revenue. The client becomes reference to develop marketing strategies to capture its value over time.

Twitter and Business Development

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The keyword is Balance. If you want to share information that not only it is yours. Be quite careful in how long you use promoting yourself. Self-promotion is only a red flag alert. Share information that is not only yours gives credibility. The idea is to win money but please try to balance this by providing information and valuable resources to your followers.This is powerful if and when you use it together with a little of yours own promotion in each Tweet, people will realize that you are giving you valuable information and they will be regarded as a Heroe.Hay that keep in mind that Twitter and Blogs go hand in hand. Twitter has completely revolutionized the way that people communicate online, and this should be a vital aspect of your marketing plans for your blog. Join Twiiter is free and you can create an account in a matter of minutes.On Twitter we found two main elements.

As in other social networks like MySpace or Facebook, we can add followers and also follow other people. They will receive their news and you You will receive theirs. Your messages are limited to 140 characters, and this is why some people call this a microbloogging tool. You need to create short and specific messages.Sometimes is very talented can send a message with so little space, but is also enough space to put all our creativity in the broiler. You try to put your message in a single line with the idea and your link if this is possible. Get to say what you have to say and this little space one of the mayoras causes explosive growth of Twitter.Puedes if you want to have a look at one of the top 100 and so thus have an idea of the power of Twitter when you really know how to use it to grow your business.


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