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The Beverage

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It is necessary therefore to understand who is alcoholic, suffers from an addiction to drinks containing alcohol, and that this addiction makes it dependent on these, and which might be dependent because it is precisely this dependence, which is also a necessity that has a demonstration behaviour that leads him to drink the beverage, but which is produced by the momentum, and the obsession only muted both by the intake of alcohol, and so person is happens the cycle indefinitely in time and in the life of this. I.e. at some point in the life of this person today alcoholic, there was a desire and an enjoy of obtaining the satisfaction of that desire, enjoyment by the intake. But then when obtaining and achieving this desire was transformed in a habit, in a compulsion to the satisfaction of the addictive behavior, already the person cannot exercise his will is now trapped by the compulsion to satisfy this obsession, this addictive need more no longer a wish, the enjoyment is why satisfaction, there is only the need to meet the compulsa to drink. It gives also on the alcoholic and product of precisely the chronicity of the habit, the threshold in which the State of alcoholic drowsiness symptoms occur are increasingly minor, this patient says it as soon as it reaches the query, it is generally, says he feels with the advance of his history of alcohol consumption is becoming increasingly less necessary to feel equally alcohol index intoxicated by this intake. It is therefore important to demystify about the possibility of stopping drinking in compulsively alcoholic, which has already entered into a both physical and psychic dependence on drink. It is important to keep this in mind, in order thereby to help sufferers of alcoholism, is the place we occupy in the life of this person, either from what link affective, family, social, institutional, etc.

Customer Center

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Structure and processes designed to meet customer, understand their needs and work collaboratively to create and retain the most profitable customers. Processes, people, data and tools oriented to deliver satisfactory experiences that generate customer loyalty. Its best commercial strategy is the development of profitable relationships with their customers in the long term. Excellence in the relationship with the customers usually either of the first two options or their combination may allow it to survive in the changing and dynamic business scenario, the latter can take it to stand out. An adequate combination of all three can guarantee you success.

Actual cases as the following figures show: A company think that the perfect for growing in the market strategy was to invest a large amount of money to innovate in your product. In a period of two years I do 6 significant improvements to your product, making that its customers would have to change in equal number of times this product. Result = loss of more than 40% of clients who preferred to hire less innovative products, given this large number of changes more stable and with better service. Company lost millions of dollars, both in their investments in innovation by the loss of customers. Another company in the same sector decided to maintain a level of innovation in its product relatively low (only an update in a period of two years) and devote most of their resources and efforts to structure a program of joint work with customers, greater support in the processes of after-sales and best coverage of the needs of their existing customers. Result = growth in the past two years of 300% in income and an improvement in customer retention of 350% over figures for previous years. Because the need to be one organization in the Customer Center?There are many reasons, such as the following (which are heard in all the seminars…) Less differentiation in products and services in the market more saturated markets, globalized and competitive more knowledgeable and more demanding customers greater orientation to the relationship and not the transaction but there is a main, which does not have any discussion: without customers not there is business, there is NO company…This did not tell no guru or expert, it is simply common sense.