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Editor’s Note: new low of the dollar against the euro, does indicating new lowering of rates by the Fed? Will you hear Trichet complaints in Europe by the loss of competitiveness of their companies globally? To what extent the disinterest by the dollar in the world achieve lower it? Can send me your feedback a: will be just a memory the strong dollar? Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 28, 2008 is the dollar which weakens or the euro which strengthens? it is not that the euro is strengthening by a greater health of the economies that make up the area, but rather, is the dollar which weakens further against the single currency. In fact, the dollar is weakening against a large proportion of coins in the world. At least against major currencies the dollar weakening can be seen through an index of dollar which measures the ratio of the U.S. currency against a basket of currencies (EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF and SEK). This index also reached a new low yesterday to play in 74,18. In an article that I wrote almost 15 days ago (), given my impression about the evolution of the dollar, contradicting some opinions that they suggested that the dollar had touched the floor. At the moment, the markets are giving me reason and yesterday the dollar again in touching a new low in relation to the euro. I understand that the euro to US $1.50 was a psychological barrier, and very few are encouraged to think in a euro above that value. But the truth is that yesterday broke that barrier and the euro touched 1,5143 USD half of day in New York. What are they wanting to say the markets with this behavior? My impression is that they are already discounting a new cut in rates by the Fed in its desperate attempt to sustain growth, while the ECB will keep them unchanged to keep pressures on prices subject.

United States

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The destruction of jobs in the United States private sector reached 539.000 jobs in April, after a destruction of 699.000 jobs in the month of March, which undoubtedly represents a marked slowdown. The improvement in the panorama of the labour market made the negative of the unemployment rate, which reached 8.9 per cent of the economically active population, figure not reached by the American economy since 1983, does not impact with hardness in the mood of the population. The deterioration of the labor market in the United States is bottoming was also seated in the unexpected cut in the number of requests for subsidies by unemployment that noted a sharp drop in 34,000 requests during the week ended May 2 reaching 601,000 requests from a figure revised upward the previous week 635.000. The data surprised the market which had anticipated that they would be maintained in 635.000. If the labour market is improving its prospects is because since the sector employer is experiencing an improvement in the Economic Outlook. While United States corporate earnings have fallen 36.3% in the first quarter, most of the S & P 500 firms reported better results than expected, according to Thomson Reuters data. In fact, 85% of the S & P 500 companies already published their reports and said total, 65% of them had a performance that surpassed expectations, while only 28% did not meet forecasts. Surely, the corporate profitability will continue to rise and the improvement in business productivity observed during the first quarter of the year, and that was 0.8%, (market analysts had anticipated an increase of 0.6%), will be an element that will benefit earnings entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, U.S. wholesale inventories fell in March for the seventh consecutive month to record US $411.700 billion, the lowest level since November 2007. This fact forces think that companies should recompose inventories, which translates into a greater demand for labour.


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All ideas will be scoring on a whiteboard, so everyone can have them present (today, the) moderator can count with a computer and a projector). It is possible none, and therefore in principle seeks more quantity than quality, since in many cases good ideas emerge from others that initially seemed wild, or as a union or synthesis of several previous. Own moderator can promote that they try this type of changes or evolutions of ideas. It may also cause a little rivalry in healthy way, of course-. On many occasions, this competition much stimulates the generation of ideas.

Therefore, it is also good that brainstorming components are a team with much diversity, different departments, different status, different ages, men and women because it so they can generate more different ideas (this is another failures often commit, do a brainstorming among people in the same Department, and with similar thoughts about the problem to be treated). At the end of the session, the moderator may attempt to force the machine a bit (to see if we get five more ideas). Once She is complete, will be the participants ideas list, checked it in that day or the next day, if that happens them something more. The final decision on the best option can take it again the same group, or a different one. In any case, the participants in the session should be informed of what has been the final decision. Finally, point out that brainstorming is not worth for the resolution of any problem (and this is another reason for that many times this technique is overlooked, because it is used improperly). Thus, it can serve to generate ideas about a product name, brand, the design of a container but hardly, it would, for example, to respond to if we must open a shop in the northern area of the city.

Paraphrasing Victor Hugo

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You need to be able to be driven by humans means. Dealing with people is already somewhat difficult. But lead people to make you divise the future is even more difficult. Jack Welch said with property that weak managers end up with companies, end up with jobs. The best person of the world in the business or in the post erred still has any chance. The best business or post of the world with the wrong person in charge, has no chance. Professionals with entrepreneurial profile are different because while where everyone sees problems, see those opportunities. They ride in a car called imagination, they have creativity as co-pilot, the goal as the engine and the persistence as fuel.

They know that only the best is enough and control directly or indirectly, the fate of many people. Make vibrate with the same intensity with the intangible future created in our minds is the Supreme mission reachable through leadership. The true leader is who gets capillary izar that sentiment in groups wherever he goes. Goals and dreams the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, said Eleanor Roosevelt. And, Paraphrasing Victor Hugo, there is nothing like a dream to create the future. All this may seem play on words, but you must continue monitoring its steps in relation to their dreams and never adapt to them.

If you prefer to be more technique or, less philosopher/or, replace the word dreams with goals. More you always follow in direction to the fulfillment of their plans, straight as an arrow, because what becomes a dream unattainable is the inertia of who dreams of it. Human beings can not stop dreaming. Dream is the food of the soul, as food is of the body. Most people confuse the limits of his own field of vision with the limits of the world.

4 Steps To Having A Good Anatomy Of Their Muscles

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Exercise to have a good Anatomy of their muscles in this article, you will learn how it is that you can perform the exercises in order to have a good Anatomy of their muscles. You are tired of finding different advice from people that tell you how it is that you should do things in order to develop your muscles? Do not like how it is that you look in the mirror? Do you feel frustrated and tired by the exercises that you do in the gym? You ready to learn how to develop a perfect Anatomy of muscles? If your answer is that Yes, then keep on reading? Probably you’re not taking advantage of one of these 4 steps, or you’re doing them incorrectly. That being so, then what you need is correct path before to develop the muscles that you want. Make yourself comfortable and learn how to develop your muscles Anatomy in 4 simple steps. Step #1 acquires the commitment to lifting weights at least three to four times a week. Your goal is to perform exercises in such a way that your muscles device is subjected to increasing, thus weight resistance your muscles grow bigger and stronger in less time than you can imagine. After doing weightlifting exercises, what you should do is go home and rest so that your muscle is restored and can give you the time to rest and grow.

Step #2 eat balanced with carbohydrates, protein and fats meals. Of the meal of the day, these must be the quantities of each of the things that I just mentioned: carbohydrates to 45% of your intake. Proteins should be equal to 35%. Fats should be equal to 20%. Remember that most of this food must be solid and the remaining liquid.These are only some secrets of those who practice bodybuilding step #3 recalls stretch between weightlifting exercises.

One of the mistakes largest is people trains without doing any stretching. Stretching helps to restore the normal size of our fabrics. When you’re training consistently, these tissues are shortened and enlarge, making them weaker. Remember that you must of done stretching exercises to prevent muscle hurts you n and also in order to avoid possible injury. Step #4 If you get used to taking supplements, is wearing at least on the market more than 3 years. What I’m advising here, is of vital importance, so you’re taking care of your body not only to produce muscles but also your health. This will make your life much easier and will help you to avoid all the fuss advertising in the last conditioning and bodybuilding magazine.

Dolores GarciJose Medina

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We support the proper functioning of the equipment of computing in composure, cleaning, and maintenance of software, audiovisual resources in the classroom of media, 35 laptop for use by students, 1 personal laptop for teaching use, of the four team’s enciclomedia with Smart Board in charge of first grade teachers, placement of Internet lines for the same to be at the forefront in communication with other schools in the State and the country.We notify in due course any breakdown of the teams engineers in computer CECOTED and join us.Prior planning we inform teachers of Group about the material available to the media room and the services provided, which could support them in their teaching practice.We spread participation school teachers, executives and community, which in this year was generally very satisfactory since our activities were disseminated in La paz, BCS, Mexico, Latin America and Espana.elaboramos five wall newspapers with information about advances in online courses and collaborative projects in which I participate school at national level.At the beginning of this school year 2008-2009 design brochures for information about courses and projects which could involve teachers and pupils of the school. Already in the internal continue with support towards teachers in everything that involved the use of the classroom of media topics in different subjects, giving the necessary support to make the most of navigation, research and activities with Internet, in addition to participating with 9 groups of first, second, third at all times and teachers Dolores GarciJose Medina, Clitlalic Arce, Maria Concepcion Agundez, Santiago Brooks, Silvia Judith Arce, Rosa Sandoval, Ruben Bareno, Luis Alberto Loyal during the months of February, March, April, may and June in projects such as: water that you drink where participating students completed this project, where I help with a Conference and models about caring for water in the world day of water in wonders of nature students developed blogs on natural resources of Baja California Sur in the classroom of media supported by us in such material onlinealways trying to have responsibility to achieve them, we also participate in photographic code between if and not your reflection, adding efforts, talents and competencies through a series of interactions that allowed together achieve the stated purpose.