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Public Relations

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Every company, any organisation or institution needs to handle their public relations. NGOs, enterprises with non-profit and public sector institutions. Today the interaction and communication is a fundamental aspect of any organized activity, and institutions pursue an organized activity that interacts with an audience. The phrase public relations is used very often, although this use tends to be negative. The same mass media have been commissioned give this connotation since they reflect and report on abuses and manipulations that have occurred, particularly with the famous lobbies or lobbying. But on the other hand public relations play a very important role in any company, regardless of the rotation specific this. Public relations must manage communication between a company or organization and a public key with the slogan of handling the image of the institution.

This means: requires planning and therefore you must use tools planning. This requires clarity in terms of the image (which must be a product of the Mission) of the institution. Public relations involves a process of communication over time. This process is dynamic and two-dimensional. Participants, the institution and its public, therefore interact with the Department of public relations not only transmits your messages but listen and absorbs communication from your audience.

Public relations and marketing department should work in coordination. Both are supported and thus generate a synergy that allows the management of the image. The public relations department has a basic slogan: the institutional image. To make this account with the following focus areas. Communication internal to the institution: The corporate image is reflected and captures both within an organization. One of the areas of focus is internal communication, which involves interaction with the resources department human. External communication: This goes beyond advertising and marketing. Any organization, company, institution, interacts with one wider audience. With the society to which it belongs, with its customers, even with its neighbours. This interaction not only requires, but it represents an opportunity to make themselves known. The important thing is to define that message and that image that you want to give out. Building trust: any institution depends on of and want to receive their public trust. Is therefore indispensable for transmitted messages are truthful. When this is added to social responsibility, not only as concern for issues of enormous significance, but possibly in a more reduced environment, obtained trust increases the value of the image. Knowledge of public opinion and applying that knowledge: If the opinion is unknown, point of view, is positive or negative, intense or ambiguous it anyone who is, then the ability to communicate effectively is difficult. Interaction with the other areas of the Organization: the coordination, Exchange and human relationships are intrinsic to the communication and therefore to public relations. Speaking of institutional image, there must be contact and exchange with other areas of the Organization and not just with those which by logic have synergy with the Department of public relations (marketing, sales, etc.). This allows consistency of communication at all levels. Public relations go far beyond the development of contacts with opinion formers. When you have an organizational structure, goals and clear objectives, and implementation capacity, becomes a fortress for the institution and whose revenues are measured throughout the history of the company.

Spanish Constitution

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The main of the obstacles is the existence of deep-rooted social customs and that little by little, with the passage of time, has been changing and women are accessing the world of work on a more regular basis. Factors that have favoured this inclusion are: – marriages to older age.-planning of the maternity-independence of women in the field of the pair.-increase in personal services, such as, pre-schools.-increase of household consumption-longer life expectancy. These changes impact on a greater availability of time by women and their economic independence. -Changes in the labour market: the progressive diversification of the labour market and the increasingly more vital role specialization in order to cover certain needs are decisive factors in the access of women in the workplace. The transformations that are taking place are derived from the following consequences:-women has demonstrated its ability even though it has not tapped in a very high percentage.-female professional competition-has increased there is an acceptance of women as professional not only in unskilled jobs. While women are better prepared every day, in practice, their access to the domes of corporate governance continues to be very difficult.

The professional qualifications of women and their incorporation into the working world have represented a great social change. Both private companies and public administration still choose mostly by hiring men to positions of responsibility. The enterprising woman who wants to carry to term a business project or a business, must be aware that has to learn to navigate environments little accustomed to the presence of women. This initial difficulty must be added a series of impediments that will find its trajectory, in this case, as an entrepreneur: masculinization of the business world, discrimination, difficulty in financing, circumstances family members, schedules, male communication networks, etc. Employment for persons with disabilities: why the disabled not can enjoy the right to work in article 35 of the Spanish Constitution recognized? Employment is one of the biggest factors, not to say the biggest factor of integration, to any person in adulthood and therefore also for people with a disability.

Earn Money

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Of course that making money online is possible, in fact there are many people living off the money obtained from Internet business. But that does not mean to be an easy task and that one will be rich over night. When one begins to internalize about make money online, it does so with suspicion, thinking that it is not possible to achieve it. At that time, one is bombarded with different offerings to get rich overnight in the morning with offerings of the most different types, some fraudulent, others are not, but although they seemingly represent an easy way of earning money, then is that most of the people who acquire those products is unable to convert it into good results. The truth is that making money online is possible, but requires effort and dedication. 2 Forms more common to do this are: affiliates advertising on your web site or blog programs both share one characteristic.

You have to attract traffic to any web site, either your own or where the affiliate program is offered. And this is only get with effort! For more tempting that looks like a product that ensures that you earn large sums of money in a minimum amount of time, with minimal or no effort, it most likely that the only thing you get is wasting your money. What is real is that, like any business, you should devote your time to achieve good results. Unlike traditional businesses, the investment needed to start a business on the Internet is minimal or even no. But effortless failure is assured. Alberto Abudara maintains a blog where tools and techniques for making money on the Internet are discussed. Visit it and get a free ebook by subscribing to your distribution list. Original author and source of the article.

Rental Period

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Under the heading rental housing under 1994 LAU? I start a series of posts that try to explain the regulation and characteristics of rents of housing that are governed by the law of urban leases of the year 1994 (currently in force), so I will always refer to contracts entered into after January 1, 1995 (the date of entry into force of such legislation). Beginning with the theme on the duration of the contract, because there are still many people who believed that the term of the rental can agree so completely freely and this is not entirely true. The initial duration will be, Yes, which the parties agree (no matter if they are 10 years old or 3 months), but – here comes the but – if the agreed period is less than 5 years and it is the tenant want to stay longer, entitled to that contract be extended until they are completed 5 years of permanence. In other words, the duration of the contract can agree, but there is a minimum period of 5 years to be met only if the tenant wants it (and is mandatory for the lessor). Yes you can remember a period elapsed and bottom, for example of one year this, terminate the contract if both parties so desire. The only thing that the law is that if the tenant wishes to continue housing longer, even though you have signed for less duration, you can stay up to a maximum of 5 years. At the end of each year of the lease, and until a total of 5 years are met, the tenant may terminate the contract or continue it.

If you want to stay in the home does not need to do anything (is extended automatically). But if I would like to conclude, it must notify the lessor with at least 30 days before the date on which the annuity or extension that is expiring. It is convenient also that notice to perform it reliably (e.g. through burofax with acknowledgement of receipt and) certification text), to avoid conflicts in this respect and, if any, have proof attesting to having communicated its decision not to continue with the rent. In conclusion, the minimum term of 5 years is a right in favour of the tenant, that it may be exercised or not, as desired, but it is not possible to agree in the contract, or in any other document, the renunciation of that period, so that any clause in this regard is completely void. In another post I will talk about the functioning of extensions and the possibility that has the lessor of make impossible them. Ruth Benito Martin Abogada Abogae Red social oriented to the search for answers and solutions that will allow citizens and businesses solve problems and enquiries of a legal original author and source of the article

Money Online

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Considering ways to earn money online? Before the big leap must make sure absolutely all the details. Below I show some suggestions of improvements you ways to earn money online easily and without any complications. Now every day there are more people who use the Internet as their tool to make money online, there are even people that live thanks to their businesses on the Internet, but must take into account, as well as increase people living thanks to the Internet, have also increased in a significant way scammers who only want to take control of your money. For this reason you have to be very careful when it comes to join any company or program of affiliate. Some of the best ways to know if the company that provides online employment is legit, is investigate in a profound way, looking for comments about this company online, read the terms and conditions in addition to the privacy policies, forms of payment, and verify if the program makes payments in your country of residence. That is very important, imagine that you have accumulated money, but by not correctly verify the terms of payment not going it to perform, since it applies only to certain countries. You should never go for the first option you find, trying to find more options and then compare them, to know which of all that best adapts to your needs and above all your skills and knowledge. Interested in earning money by Internet? There are many ways of doing this but before you should know 3 lies work online so that you can then start with the grandiose adventure to make money online.? Original author and source of the article.

United Nations

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Public transport will be affected, the circulation of cars slowed down, motorways and bridges will be inaccessible and the waterway will also be stopped. The security measures imposed by the Government have provoked protests from numerous groups that denounce a true state of siege and even multiple platforms citizens have gone to court to denounce a device illegal. We must remember, that this Summit is masked to make new military commitments. Among others expected that Member States provide 4,000 more NATO troops, that drafting a statement on safety and a new strategic concept that legitimizes the existence of this military organization, and take action on the future of Afghanistan, Obama aims to increase the number of military contributions in the area.This Summit also makes the return of France to this structure official military, 43 years after relinquishing it, and the arrival of Albania and Croatia, increasing the number of allied States to 28. It said that NATO is one growing obstacle to achieving world peace. Since the end of the cold war, NATO has been reinvented to if same as a tool for military action by the international community, including the promotion of the so-called war on terror. In reality it is a vehicle for the use of force headed by the United States with military bases on all continents, bypassing the United Nations and the international law system, accelerating the militarisation and increasing spending on arms – NATO countries represent 75% of global military expenditures. On the application of an expansionist agenda since 1991, designed to reach strategic interests and resources, NATO has waged the war in the Balkans, under the pretext of the so-called humanitarian war, and has waged seven years of brutal war in Afghanistan, which worsens their tragic situation and where the war has expanded in Pakistan. I’ve expected that protests them, do not escalate into greater evils and to guarantee the life of those who are entitled to discuss their concerns, their positions. The organizers should ensure respect for life and human rights.

The Company

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To know to conquer people and to involve them with its intention of business. To have domain of cause and effect. To analyze all the weak points that can confuse the result of its business, evaluating the situation in well realistic way, so that if frustre if its enterprising business at the beginning does not reach the maximum of its result and its expectations of its enterprise. For this, it must study and analyze the market and its competitors. To be chemical preparation, disponibilizando tools that are innovative and having competitive advantages before the competition. 5. Summary in Portuguese: It is of extreme relevance to have an enterprise that the objective is the constant satisfaction in taking care of to the demand and the globalizado market, becoming it offers of a product and/or much more competitive and qualitative service. The innovative and enterprising technological trends make with that the organizations if keep alive in the market, far from the bankruptcy and failure in its business.

For in such a way, the organizacionais taking of steps and changes they must be placed in the practical one. A strategical planning in the areas must exist efficient: advertising, logistic, marketing, financier, human resources and terceirizados as countable and right, so that thus the enterprise takes care of the necessities of globalizado market. The entrepreneur is an agent transforming, capable to glimpse the company as a whole, is felt proud and plays its function with all the satisfaction, has the freedom to create new methods and ideas of business that increase the profitability of the company. He is insistent how much to the reach of its objectives, it is pro-asset and always this searching new challenges. 6. Summary in English: It is extremely important you have project the goal is satisfaction in meeting the constant demand and global market, making the supply of product/service quality and lives competitive.

Easter Fiesta

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THE FEAST OF EASTER. a branches and sometimes very very young children. You, the most beautiful girl of our childhood, eyes clear sky clouds color is your heavenly cloud was, your brave brothers to defend the honor of the sister, my cousins were jealous of my success in school and my friend that later in our maturity basely betray his best friend. And forget Javicho, with his limp recent happy part of our forays in the processions of penitents. Nor forget the crazy and narish Carlos Monzon. It was fun away from home on Easter, to make our raids epic for all the processions, by the way I so in love with the beautiful aurora, with blue eyes that sit on the steeple of the church, many times I looked. I stopped my pace and watched the sky in their blue eyes.

Javicho, his voice hoarse and stopped calling me my contemplation. And the big nose of Monzon mocked that I like girls. For them it was not yet born love, only the game was on the streets of our people. All together in the house of Sonia, and we were getting ready for the adventure of the day. Vigils began with pain on Monday. At Mass we watched the ceremony of the Mass, but we were bored too much preaching. We listened to long sermons of the priests, did not understand what he said and many times already dormitabamos in the pews, but felt the elbow of one of our colleagues, we woke and confused not knowing what had happened.

Authors Associates

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' ' Suddenly and as to teach a lion that passed the life in the captivity to survive in the forest. Gerstener (1942 p.189). The changes of behavior and the ways that a person if leaves to be motivated are innumerable, some for money others for a progress in its career or for recognition, some even though motivate for the presence of the fear or the anger others for a chance or learning for the effort of a result concrete or for the threat of extinguishing. Few are the ones that if motivate and if they captivate for the vision of the future and few are the ones that really to reach a leadership with efficient in its life that grows, fight learns and teaches together, side by side with its followers therefore when to a victory or a goal reached with performance it drifts, force with the union of all the apia team that and accepts idea and rule developed for its leader and thus it harvests the fruits that together had cultivated for spoon. ' ' Two things populate the mind with a new and always increasing admiration and respect the sky covered with star superficially and the moral law inside of ns' '.

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Ecology or Geology?

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Raul Saints (They are Joo of the Paraso/BA September of 1989) Very has commented itself regarding the last days of this decade, that are of the century and the millenium. Wars, deforestations are commented, pollutions sonorous, atmospheric and sea, in search of the cause of so waited cataclysm that will give one it is enough in our terrestrial existence. It is probable that they are the causes of so funestos events. It is probable until the action dismasted and irresponsible of the man is the cause of the destruction of the Planet. But, if to search carefully the History of the Humanity or the primrdios of the biological factors, will find the first organisms as beings disformes, unprovided of structures, whose compositions alone if had become possible after thousand or millions of years so that the first cells started to synthecize its proper foods or if they used to advantage of others. But, in accordance with the proper complexity of the subject, not we will be able to deepen them the theories of Miller or Oparin, without deviating the eyes of the objective Real in guideline, that is the APOCALYPSE. On the other hand, if to abandon the origins of the Planet, will not find bases where let us support in them, remaining only vain accusations against the men, when the MEN we are we ourselves, who we do not assume our parcels of irresponsibility in the pollution, but manufacture and we buy detergents and aerosols, poluindo the waters and decomposing ozone molecules, provoking so said, but little known EFEITO-ESTUFA, that are the free ticket of the solar rays for the terrestrial crust, without return for the space, which they are melting the glacial layers of the polar regions, whose effect are being proven in the Europe with Holland, the Denmark and flooded adjacencies.