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Bolivian President

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The operation of the institutions are evaluated according to its proactivity, results, as it just check UNASUR Summit recently held in Santiago Chile, before serious conflict that manifests itself in Bolivar, where the conflict presents a situation that threatens democracy. The Summit gave the Bolivian President, Evo Morales a clear backing to ensure institutional continuity. There was no other alternative when the representative of Bolivia in recent weeks triumphed in a confirmatory referendum with 67% of the votes of his people. Such as locomenta Enrique Oliva, the Summit has acted firmly, without the usual involvement of paternalistic powers nor the intervention of agencies high-sounding, demonstrably unable to deliver peace and justice, such as United Nations and OAS. Foreign facilitators was not used.

In five hours of discreet discussions at the Palacio de La Moneda, wrote a historical page unprecedented, notwithstanding that the press seems not have noticed its relevance to dedicate the principal title of CAP after accredited more than 300 journalists. Some of these, gave his own show to give strokes and shoving each other, coming to put in danger of a fall to the floor of the presidentachilena. Adds, that a Commission should be to facilitate the work of a table for dialogue in Bolivia in order to lend a proposals for agreements with the sectors concerned. However, another Commission will investigate the bloody events of Pando to determine responsibilities, when the parent Union denounces 30 dead and nearly 200 missing. The Summit also decided to grant an existential support, up to human resources. But clarifying that there will not be any determination without express request of Evo Morales. Very interesting what brings olive on this meeting, that if the world alliances are built to meet many challenges created in recent years at an accelerated pace, the South American can not express ourselves by a common voice, when endangered traditions and also common values.

European Common Market

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The decurrent rights of the concessions in being able of the Statoil had been converted into financial rights, being the Statoil with 20%, and the SDFI with 80%.Com the modifications, the minimum participation of 50% of the government leaves of being of the Statoil, and passes to the SDFI, through participation in the capital of the companies concessionaires (SPCs or joint ventures). The Statoil starts to be to player as any another one, being able to qualify itself in the competitions for new concessions, even so continues to manage the SDFI until 2001.Em 2001, the government decides to vender part of the assets of the SDFI, being had the bought Statoil most. In the same year, the government opens the capital of the Statoil, keeping, however, a firm majoritria participation, of more than two tero of the capital. Passing the Statoil to be a mixing company, the parliament considered that it would have conflict of interests in the continuity of its management of the SDFI. She is servant, then, the Petoro, state company 100%, to substitute the Statoil in this function.

The Norwegian state always kept to be able to determine the areas to be open to the exploration, the conditions where they will be offered, and the participation of the Petoro, that can go of simple not the participation to the exclusiveness. The government selects the company or winning trust, who will have, necessarily, that to associate with the Petoro in the established conditions in case that the case, on the basis of arbitrary criteria, based in the experience technique and financial reach of the bidders, and in the presented project of exploration. The Petoro participates of the enterprises in the same conditions of partners, banking its parcel in the costs. Up to 1994, when the Norway entered for the European Common Market, the government kept rules of local minimum equipment participation and services.

7 Methods To Make Money In Internet

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Twelve Chairs

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But most of all I Like other read: re-open the soul, to rub salt into the wounds of the soul. Of phrases like 'poison the soul. " There is in fact something profoundly soulful, in the very heart of the Russian lethality in the transfer to each other intimate anecdotes. If we could trace the historical sequence of the emergence and spread of jokes, it certainly would open up direct communication and their closeness to the great events of history. Indeed, an anecdote, detail, humorous detail accurately and unambiguously express the great events of life, unexpectedly turn inside the wrong side of great events. And yet nobody knows what will more precisely pungent paradoxical anecdote, a symbol of his time, or rigorous scientific article that gives a description of the same phenomenon. Remember the stories of recent history, say, timid signs of protest Stalin's dictatorship, the Brezhnev era of stagnation jokes, daring challenges Gorbachev era restructuring, jokes about the "new Russian" – and you will see how many historical nuances bears little decomposing virus joke … Do you feel as if disembodied anonymous microbe-anecdote, along with dissidents – fighters against the hated regime, economic performance and the laws of the market – is the main culprit for falling of entire empires, fanatical dictatorships.

It was he, laughing corroding, expanding from within the powerful ideological systems, mocking the 'eminent persons' party and the government, undermine faith in the people in the stability and strength of such a world order. After treatment, tightly laughed, exposed naked and turned inside out, no longer afraid, he simply stupid. The more twisted the nut power of censorship, the stricter punished for any expression of free thought, the angrier became the jokes, the better lay down the severity of the target. If you compare the stories, for example, Khrushchev's Thaw, who appeared at the beginning of his ascent with anecdotes of recent years of a lover of corn, then you will immediately notice the difference in tone. In the end, does not matter what outfit would be the next world moral lesson or as a heroic epic, whether as a folk song, or as epic novel. The same generation destined to cry on 'Lay', another – to translate 'Crazy Roland' third admire 'War and world ', the fourth to laugh at' Twelve Chairs ', and our generation, you only' pay out jokes. "