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New Recession

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This Tuesday, the Spanish premium of risk has lowered of 341 to 334 basic points. The IMF aims at the risk of a new economic reverse and the World Bank presses the European leaders so that they take ” the decisions adecuadas” . The agency of qualification of risks Standard & Poor’ s recognizes the stagnation of the European bank. The European Central bank (BCE) has retaken new purchases of Spanish and Italian debt after this Monday the Spanish cousin of risk reached the 341 points, the highest level from the 5 of August, when it got to surpass at some moments the 410 points and caused that the BCE decided to buy for the first time in history sovereign debt of Spain and Italy to avoid a contagion of the debt crisis and to restrain the speculators. According to the stock-exchange operators, behind the present ascent of the Spanish premium of risk are the new fears to one global recession and the difficulties to surpass the crisis of the European sovereign debt, factors that also have brought about east Monday a collapse of the European bags.

In the heat of it begins to appear of the debt crisis, the European economic leaders and world-wide they send contradictory messages that aim at that panic to a new recession at world-wide level. First in giving the alarm voice she has been the director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, that east Sunday aimed in an interview at a German newspaper that the risk of a new economic reverse on global scale exists, but that still can be avoided. A day after these affirmations, the president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, was butcher when discarding that the economic growth of the Eurozona is next to a recession, although yes will be modest: ” We did not anticipate a recession in Europa” , he said Muddy in a press conference..

Great Success

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The franchise of restaurants Italians La Mafia sits at the table opened the last day 2 of December a new restaurant in Granada. Thus fulfilling its plan to expand into Andalusia. The venue is located in C / Trajano, 4, corner with Calle Socrates. A perfect location, since the area does not have any restaurant of similar characteristics. The new shop has a Hall for 150 seats, where diners will be caught by the new avant-garde of the Ensign, modern and cosy decoration. The restaurant also has two private dining rooms, a large one and a smaller, for 40 and 15 people respectively.

All this Mercedes Domenech joins the proximity of parking Socrates, in the plaza, facilitates rapid access to the restaurant that, all your guests, gives the first hour of parking. The opening party was a resounding success. Was attended by 400 people from 21.00 h until the 01.00 h were enjoying the live music from the Dj hired, tasting the Jabugo ham that cut a ham expert, seeing old cars gangsters who attended the event and as not, testing the assortment of dishes offered by La Mafia. The success of the inauguration is reflected in its reserves, the local had an absolute full during the first week, both day and night. And during the month of December you have already covered all the squares in the restaurant in the most important days. The Mafia is sitting at the table continues to grow and fulfilling its plan of expansion of 2010 by far, for it is still committed to innovation, strong support from the central and the excellent quality of its products. All backed by more than 10 with franchise experience and 15 years of experience in the sector.

To Make Money With The Network De Afiliados

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To make money with the Network of affiliates, is easy if you consider certain aspects at the time of iniciarte in this fantastic system. The Network of affiliates, allows us to trade with tangible articles intangible and (physical) even as much own as of a company in particular, some years ago it was almost impossible to sell products without having a support Web, nowadays, is a fact in rise, by the little investment, even null, and the supply of articles. In order to be successful with the Network of affiliates it is necessary to make a study of market and to make specific that market niches are in height, tools exist to optimize or to evaluate towards where the market goes. An indispensable tool is settles in the bar of your navigator and is very practices. By my experience he is better to begin with products of third parties and to adapt them to the Web, or blog, as it is the case of Todopormifamilia, Uses the Network of affiliates to trade Digital products to everybody, in this way we forgot the typical problems, for want of experience, is right what inexperienced entrepreneur needs.

You must take into account at the time of deciding if purchases ebook or course of Network of Affiliates, the majority are very theoretical and you finish leaving storing it dust in your PC, the correct thing is to have experience and to arm of some way your own business, you do not forget that nobody of gives nothing by anything. If it moves the subject to you of the Network of affiliates, it is the best option than you can have, To sell products is a work form that initially entails much work of investigation and development but that as well when you receive your first commissions, will produce an enormous satisfaction to you and but if you yourself you have let grow your own business. Finally: in these last times the tendency is to go towards the trade in network online, and if we united the Network of Affiliates plus marketing multilevel, a deficiency in this system is closed, grouping and motivating our clients to buy and to consume our products. Thus it is Todopormifamilia business of network of affiliates supported with marketing multilevel.


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In this context of dominant malaise, the millions of unemployeds, as well as many integrant ones of the dominant groups, had started to believe the promises of Hitler to transform Germany into a rich and powerful country. In the power, Hitler it obtained quickly that the Parliament approved a law that allowed to govern without giving satisfaction it of its acts nobody. the committed atrocities and the human genocide had thus been initiated, of which the Jews, the Communists had been white main, the homosexuals and all the other people who did not belong to the call Aryan race (considered superior, on the basis of the theory of the Social Darwinismo). However, what inherent abandonment to the human being (FREUD, 1930), in the argued case, the abandonment of all a population, can have done with that Hitler does not have been hindered to commit such crimes against the humanity. With its promises to supply the necessities of its Nation and to return auto-they esteem and to avenge Germany, conquered followers who had been condescending with its attitudes, becoming them unquestioned. Freud agrees to Kant to what this affirms that the worse tyrants are those that want to compel to the people to be happy, according to way that they, the tyrants, indicate to them. It is what it occurs at this moment of History.

According to FREUD (1930), the human being tries to make of everything to run away from the abandonment and the anguish of the solitude, from there its constant necessity to construct and to elaborate saving ideologies, as, in the case argued throughout this article, the libertarian ideal of Olga Benario. ‘ ‘ I fought for just, the good one, optimum of mundo.’ ‘ The dream of a better world, as is said by it, to the end of its life, reflects, perhaps, a search of personal accomplishment, by means of the action. Its instinct of survival can have been co-ordinated for the will to finish with the malaise that the misery human being brings I obtain, not only for goodness and the igualitrio ideal, but also for the possibility to reach the proper happiness, at the moment where its life would not have been mediocre and yes full of humanitarian made accomplishments and. What it could explain the experience of as much suffering and privation seno the search for its proper fullness? Olga tried to live to the edge of the society of its time, being searched a singular way to act in favor of its beliefs. It believed and it fought with determination and ousadia, for a change in the society and, porventura, for a change in same itself.

Find Companies

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Before venturing itself to find new channels of distribution for its company, previously it must understand what is the Caribbean. This region is made up of several islands: Antigua and Barbuda, the Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Dominican, Dominican Republic, Grenada, Haiti, Jamaica, San Cristbal and Nevis, Santa Luca, San Vicente and the Granadinas, Trinidad and Tobago. The Caribbean market account with a diversity as much culture as in languages. Therefore, to have a handling of different languages will preemit to him to commercialize its products to more Caribbean market and to take advantages on those companies that only dominate their native language. Pngase in contact with Embassies and Consulates in order to obtain statistics, data and possible contacts to facilitate its search related to the Caribbean market.

Probably you do not obtain what bar looks for in certain organization because? to greatly from an embassy to another one. Really, the quality on watch to depend on the person in charge of helping him referring to the Caribbean market. If not yet one becomes familiar with the use of the Internet for its commercial subjects, we recommended to him that d the first step. In the Web you can find the vestibules commercial which have become an integral part of the international business. These sites allow him to publish supplies of purchase and sale to all the community in Internet. When doing this, potential agents and distributors can make contact with enemy with you. In addition, to promote his company, you can acquire the Premium memberships which will allow him to have their own showroom virtual, this way you will be able to show all supplies.

For better results, he looks for vestibules that have an emphasis in Caribbean market. Definitively it is not very difficult to find new opportunities at the Caribbean market. This to require some efforts search of its part but will be worth the long term pain since this region represents great opportunities for companies that they look for to expand his channels of distribution and to increase his sales. Original author and source of the article.

Iberoamerican General Secretariat

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It is that the United Nations General Assembly, said that road safety was in Crisis. Then in another Assembly, it raises the improvement of road safety. With the Declaration of youth in 2007 a new upturn occurs in the fight against road violence. The transitional Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean chaired by Dr Oscar Arias generates the Declaration of San Jose, leaving the claims of Spain as the Ibero-American Association on road safety, then mediating the Iberoamerican General Secretariat, under the direction of Dr. Enrique V. Iglesias, who enjoys a prestige and unquestionable respect in the States of this hemisphere in an institutional vacuum, and who understand could result from its concensuar effort a viable and effective solution at the highest levels of political power in the region. In another sense, the recent meetings of the Ibero-American countries, Madrid and Chile, were scenes of interesting discussions, neuralgic issues relating to the regulations and to the system of authority of our countries, made presence, formulating an important series of documents, which we honestly expected you comment, even tangentially, were at the Global Ministerial Conference recently concluded in Moscow, so this implies the improvement of security in the streets, avenues and roads. Costa Rica has created a space for also interesting discussion, through the Forum of actors of road safety, which resulted in the so-called transitional Committee. After the Declaration of San Jose, which had alluded, we were surprised that to date there has been recognition of the same on the part of all Caribbean and Latin American Governments. What in my opinion has been for lack of an intelligent management that could withstand the influence of President Oscar Arias Sanchez.