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Brazilian State

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The public administration, throughout the years, substantially in accordance with did not change the transformations of the administrative theories. The approach of these theories was turned preponderantly toward the improvement of the processes in the enterprise administration. If it cannot say, however, that the Public Administration has not suffered influences from the theoretical evolution in the scope of the Science of the Administration. It occurs that its development, in direction to the increasing efficiency, is slower, if compared with the Business administration. The Brazilian State, sufficiently young of delayed industrialization, had that to be modernized to propitiate the growth of the country. This process gained impulse from 1995, through the Managing Plan of the reform of the device of the State and, later, with the approval of the Constitutional Emendation n. 19 in 1998, as will be argued in the topic in which that the subject of the Public Administration in the current days will be faced. Of this form, an effort of the public administration in the direction of the modernization is noticed, looking for to solve disfunes bureaucratic e, thus, to contribute for the improvement of the quality of the public services given to the citizens, with limits in the ditames constitutional and obeying the principles of the impessoalidade, the legality, the morality, the advertising and the efficiency.

The present article presents consideraes on the Public Administration and discourses on its relevance. It has the objective to analyze the applicability of the concepts that conduct the public administration, which will help to create mechanisms to make possible the implantation of the public politics in attendance to the necessities of society. Amongst some available methods, the chosen one to guide this work was the deductive method with a descriptive and bibliographical research. 1 necessary Concepts to the agreement of the subject Public Administration Is excellent the definition of some concepts for the agreement of the subject Public Administration.

Crop Circles Cropcircles

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Crop Circles (icons in the margins) – correct geometrical education in the fields of farmland, representing polegshie ears or grass. Plant stalks are bent in knots so that they become parallel to the ground. All stems are bent at the same time in one direction around the circle. Drawings themselves are usually abstract patterns, very precise in execution, the size reaching several tens of meters, resulting in What they all can only be seen from a bird's flight. Despite the fact that the ears are bent parallel to the ground, they continue to grow normally. Studies have found many pictures of their strange features: icon within the circular magnetic anomalies observed in some people, headache, animals refuse to enter into the picture, and placed there by force behave restlessly. Study ears showed presence of tiny metal balls. To date, there are many theories about the origin drawings in the margins: a natural origin, alien version, and drawing.

The most interesting version – this is extraterrestrial origin of icons. However, it can not explain the purpose of creating such images. Today, almost every day there are new publications and drawings and the drawings become more complex. There was a lot of enthusiasts who are trying with the help of mathematical constructions to decipher a meaning inherent in their opinion in these drawings. As the more complex icons, and growing surprise witnesses. It was once thought that bent grass – it's an unknown natural phenomenon. These days, when it became clear that the signs carry some information, science (as often happens in such cases) prefers not to notice the phenomenon. Thus, Today crop circle mystery remains unsolved. More information about this and other online mogom

Accounting Publishes

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Now let us imagine this in the accounting it publishes, this area beyond being a little more complicated, is a procedure that analyzes all minutely the accounts of the safe publishes. (PISCITELLI; TIMB, 2009, p29) affirms that: ‘ ‘ All activity must adjust the governmental programming to it and to the budget-programa.’ ‘ This is total necessary, therefore, it is with this adjustment that becomes possible a good administration. Pra to be more accurate, the accounting publishes, analyzes each on account to the sector publishes, since of a financial release for a candidate the determined position, ties the budgetary expenses of a state or city, foreseeing problems or future solutions. At last the objective of this area is to supply information brought up to date and accurate to the managers the control of the governmental public agencies. 3.OBJETIVO OF the ACCOUNTING PUBLISHES. Beyond registering all the countable facts of the public agencies, also have as to have to inside relate the acts happened of the same ones. This monitoramento is necessary for excellency of a constitutional work produced by the administration publishes.

This area of the intent accounting also you endeavour for them that it involves politicians in exercise, giving to the controllers, security guard in the public budgets. For this confirmation (PISCITELLI; TIMB, 2009 p 317) say that the expenditures could be made in sigiloso character, but from form some will be able to run away from the regulation of the norms of the fiscal year. These you endeavour are ways that the managers had found to prove that the collaborators are really assduos with its patrimonial duties. 4.OBJETO. The object as any another area of the accounting, is the patrimony, that this patrimony would only be a little different, would be the public goods as: historical lakes, streets, avenues, roads, squares, monuments, etc.

Novellas Communication

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Good Dakar de Joan Pedrero and Jordi Viladoms Buenos Aires, Argentina After the arrival from Dakar 2011 to the Argentine city of Buenos Aires, overturned completely in the hardest test of the planet, we have been able to speak with the pilots of the insurance agency AMV Joan Pedrero, 5 in the general classification, and pilot Jordi Viladoms, 10 classified in the general, this one last one without being able to demonstrate the great potential that the pilot lodges after to have seen penalized by mechanical problems of his Yamaha. JOAN PEDRERO: Pilot AMV, 5 in the general classification: has been a dream for me. Very I am satisfied since the test has been very demanding. Sometimes, when you are sailing by the desert, with hundreds of crossed kilometers, technical difficulties, and several completed days, you ask yourself What do I here? But you follow. You continue, you do not know very well how, but you continue and in the end, the reward arrives. It is truth, many do not arrive, consequently, it turns each day into a challenge fulfilled.

To finish fifth has been a gift, but we have currado it to us. Marc is impressive. You learn what it is not written and it would be difficult to define the satisfaction degree that it produces to me. I must much learn and to thank for much. JORDI VILADOMS, Pilot AMV, 10 in the general Classification: has been a Dakar really it last for me. We arrived at the test with a completely new motorcycle and without too many kilometers crossed with her but with much illusion. The technical difficulties with which we have been, have prevented to finish us more ahead.

He has been very hard. When you are only in the desert and the mechanics does not accompany to you, he is very frustrating. In any case, whenever we have been in a situation of these characteristics, that unfortunately have been many, we have known to be creative, and this way we have been able to give the return to the situation, although often, outside a simply momentary solution. I would like that everything had been developed of a different form but we must to learn of the situation and thus to avoid that returns to repeat itself. Novellas Communication/Dpto.

FujiFilm FinePix

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To more clearly present imagine what a macro, we turn to the concept of 'zoom'. By understanding the scale ratio of the linear size of the optical image of the object in the focal plane of the camera (that is, on the film normal camera or the CCD digital model) to the actual dimensions of the subject. topic.. This ratio is also called a linear increase. A macroshot feel kind of shooting, where the scale of the images on photomaterial is from 1:10 to 5:1 (as stated in the classic encyclopedia 'Photo and' under the editorship of EA Iofisa, 1981). The scale of the printed images (print) increases by a factor of increase in print. This means that if the original image scale is close to unity, then on the print we see the object as if through a magnifying glass.

Therefore, in this case is usually seen those details that are difficult to observe in normal conditions. Benefits of 'figures' for macro photography especially for close-up digital camera, no doubt, will do. Most models are usually fitted with a special mode that allows you to shoot aggregated plan (from a distance of several centimeters) without special tools. Individual cameras even have two sub-bands – 'macro' and 'Super Macro'. However, most models have only the option 'macro'. Topics at least some of them allow photographs from a distance of up to 1-2 cm, however, not very many cameras provide a minimum focusing distance of up to 1 cm are, for example, Nikon Coolpix 5400, FujiFilm FinePix S602Z, FujiFilm FinePix S7000, Ricoh Caplio RR1, Ricoh Caplio RR30 and Ricoh Caplio G3.

Marble And Granite – Endless Possibilities

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Today, for the realization of strong finishes and ideas, raw materials, more practical and better than marble and granite is not found. Both of these natural stones in their own precious, and both had hugely popular since ancient times. Variety invoices, a wide range of choice, versatility of this raw material – all this could not remain indifferent to the architects and designers around the world since ancient times. Granite is a dense and solid rock, which is the strongest natural stone having structure rock, according to some judgments, considered the most beautiful finishing material in the interior, these achievements and allow them to remain in a large supply and demand in our time. Both of these stones will last for centuries with proper maintenance and timely action taken to correct minor defects.

Marble unlike granite in the care and treatment required for a more careful Treatment: Do not resort to the long thermal stresses on the rock, as well as protect against chemical agents capable of harm marble. And to this day are very popular products from granite and marble, from the raw material Peerless made furniture accessories, decorative objects that can create either a classic, strict conditions, or ultra-trendy, or move his master in the ancient, ancient times. With marble and granite You can decorate the elegant bathroom, living room, hallway or accent certain parts of the room: stairs, fireplace, windowsill, or even purchase some unique items, items made of marble and granite: countertop, sink, column. The room decorated with granite and marble – a real fortress, which looks decent, and inside and outside, which would indicate a good taste of its owner. Products from Granite varied from century-old gravestones and monuments to architectural and decorative finishes and some decorative items. Let the granite is not the cheapest raw materials, but the costs and benefits are worth money. In Depending on the added impurities, the marble can be "strict and cold", "warm", and can achieve colorful playful color, which gives the opportunity to put all our fancy decor, you can create a completely luxurious interior, which will contribute to products made of marble, or vice versa, to do all modest and understated. Granite and marble products, marble and granite – the raw material for fine solid foundation, create your own, unique fortresses, whether home, with unique accessories that are sure to become your family heirloom, or the same office, which will always look luxurious.

The System

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It can be perceived that the communication today has the effective paper of support for a well structuralized model of management and needs to have the capacity to take the company and all make that it to more face together the challenges of the society and the market each time competitive. At last, if it waits that the comunicacional system inside of the organization, reaches its main objective, that is to involve receiving and emitting in one I dialogue democratic and open, where the strategy of the company is based on the social and ethical principles. Valley to add that the System of modern Communication congregates, among others, the marketing and enterprise interest, separate throughout history for being considered antagonistic, this because while first if the return for the commercialization, as if worries about the image of the organization. However, Kunsch (1997) beyond joining these interests in an only system, adds one third, that it is accurately the internal communication, located the institucional and marketing sources side by side, in order to find the effectiveness enterprise. The integrated communication allows that if it establishes one global politics, in function of a bigger coherence between the programs, of a common language and a homogeneous behavior, beyond if preventing overlappings of tasks. The diverse sectors work of joint form, having before the eyes the general objectives of the organization and at the same time respecting the specific objectives of each one. (KUNSCH, 1997, p.115) Hardly the communication inside of an organization will obtain to legitimize itself and if to affirm in the internal universe of the company, if it will not have a serious strategical commitment. If the communication manager will not have such strategy very traced well, will run the risk to leave its irrelevant work, taking little or no value for the efficiency of the organization. Torquato (1986, P. 57-58) detaches in well simple way some strategies it company to manage its system of communication.

What Is An SUV ?

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What is an suv? "Road vehicle" – is the official term. suv – a machine sverhprohodimosti. At such a car can not be afraid to leave the road. Very often the suv has a constant four-wheel drive, big size, big tires, and a powerful engine. However, it should be noted that this type of car and fuel consumption – an appropriate one. suv designed for driving on the roads impassable and terrain. This is the first massive army machine with a mandatory suspension of all wheels, a simple open-top, and with openings instead of doors, which was created by request of the U.S. Army at the time.

World War ii. This was the answer to the commander's car with simple bodies, which appeared in the 30's. The first suv of the Soviet Union – was made in 1941, called the GAZ-64. During the war of SUVs enjoyed great popularity among veterans, and produced in large editions. Over time, SUVs began to spread around the world under different brand names.

Donors Pairs

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Even if I cannot recognize young in the photos, this initiative is a blessing for all the parents who, like us, practically was lost all hope declares to the China Daily newspaper a mother who in 1999 lost her son of five years. In the majority of the cases, the minors were kidnapped or robbed, but also numerous cases of pairs exist that had a girl and who, due to the policy of the only child, decided to sell it to return to try to generate a son man. The children with whom they commercialized these networks are bought by people of other provinces that wish a boy or pairs that by their own means cannot have it. These children, according to the NGO Baby Come Home, are treated like own children. In fact, sometimes their own families and neighbors do not know that they are not biological children.

One also says, that the majority of these minors was kidnapped when they were babies and practically they have developed affective bows with his detectors. According to the China Daily newspaper are children who stop to return with their parents force to them to sign agreements that guarantee that they will be able to return to live with its detectors at least months to the year. Another lucrative business and that occurs is the blood sale. The Increase of the Demand and the little sanitary controls have originated the Proliferation of more than three million Donors " profesionales" , increasing the risk of the Propagation of the virus of the AIDS it is spoken at least from which the Bodies bodies could come from the black market exceeds it comments, that the denunciations from which Bodies comes from non-uniform black market in China date from 2005 and have continued, in average Americans, until February of the 2008.

Authority And Leadership

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There are many symptoms that are explained as the sequel to a lack of authority in our society, and which placed the family as one of the main causes that this is so. Maria Garcia Amilburu, Professor of theory and history of the education of Uned, points directly to the family, since there is where the individual is socialized, first insertion in society occurs through. And if the authority is lost there, either because parents are working all day and to compensate for give children all the vagaries, well because separated parents try to win children to base of SAG, the child will already grow without it.. Likewise, in addition to the family, refers crisis of authority in other areas of social life. However, the same society that accepts having a crisis of authority, is one which is concerned by how proliferate environments where there is a harassment based on irrational authoritarianism. In this sense, and recently, an investigation of the company Otto Walter, pointed out that after having interviewed seven hundred fifty workers, nearly half were dissatisfied with their bosses, and the reason that overwhelmingly pointed to were the disrespect towards his subordinates: more than 37% of respondents felt that his boss was conceited, proud, or believed to top, and exercised a control based on a stifling authoritarianism model. But why it happens all this?, we handle well with the concept of authority?.

We are going to the dictionary. DRAE, tells us that the authority is credit that by their merit and fame, is given to a person in the particular field. Analyzing the definition, we will establish that if it’s a credit or capital may, depending on how it is administered, increase or decrease; and on the other hand if its two key components are the merit and fame, we convendremos that they are the result of good deeds in the exercise of the activity that occupies us inexcusably.