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Material Suspension

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Material of the ball mill (stick) live is filled in the cylinder body which equipped with a grinding rotation body, tube live the rotation through the grinding medium and fall the material down after upgrading them to a prescribed height, the grinding medium have a greater impact to the grinding materials, which resulted the material to be crushed. The ball mill material is forced into the mill by the riser material raised to the prescribed height, and then free-fall, impact on the role of mutual friction between the material of grinding stripping. due to the grain, block size to bulk materials and wedge Lee pull impact, due to the wedge and pull the counter-attack role, to prevent the material to produce the axial size segregation, and thus the bulk material can be uniformly distributed. Return to the crude material from the discharge end along with the new feed mill feed plots, evenly off the bottom of the tube center, and then spread to both sides. Bulk and fine materials to live in the cylinder at the bottom of the opposite direction along the axial movement, so producing the grinding effects, the crushed material are Picado grounding. Not average mill, which is also known from the mill.

In addition, there are also plate mill. The milling machine milling machine, which is also known as plate mill, the structure can be divided into fixed disc type and disc rotation these two major categories. Material joined evenly by the charging port, due to the centrifugal force, the material live at the edge of the lap, living the spring pressure or centrifugal force and gravity mill itself, the material extrusion and grinding, the material crushed Picado ground. Vibrating mill living the vibration of the cylinder body, which equipped with grinding media and materials, rapid vibration on the vibration of the cylinder to live in an approximate elliptical trajectory. The vibration of the cylinder so that the grinding medium and material in suspension, and a small role in the projectile impact, abrasive grinding points with the material, the material crushed Picado ground. Jet mill using the steam, air or other gas to inject the set pressure into the body, and then produces high speed rotation of the vortex. The body of material particles with the flow of high speed rotation, and live in the collision between particles and particles in the rotation process, ing and grinding the material impact, finally the materials are crushed Picado. Mobile crushing station: Ore beneficiation:

The Child

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It thinks about the possibilities of discoveries of a child, when it starts to engatinhar later the floor, in relation when this child was in the cradle with some days of life. Maturation neurofisiolgica- is what it becomes possible definitive standard of behavior. The alfabetizao of the children, for example, depends on this maturation. To hold the pencil and to manejar it as we, are necessary a neurological development that the child of 2,3 years does not have. It observes as insurance the pencil. Half the set of you influence and ambient stimulations he modifies the standards of behavior of the individual. For example, if the verbal stimulation will be very intense, a child of 3 years can have very bigger a verbal repertoire of it measured what it of the children of its age, but at the same time, can not go up and to go down with easiness of stairs, because this situation can not have eito has left of its experience of life.

(BOCK et al, 1997 p.82) If to analyze these factors we will go to understand that since child the human development comes being worked in the family and that by means of this context the family exerts a basic paper in the life of the pupil. The family is the place of the unit, of the continuity. Already school is the place of the diversity, of the difference. The important partnership of the family with development of the pupil is in the direction to stimulate the child if to involve actively in the life of the pertaining to school, to have curiosity for learning and interpreting the world. 1.2 The SCHOOL AND the STUDY OF the PSICOPEDAGOGIA When the behavior of the people is observed, exactly of whom they possess one high cultural level, the fear intimidates to them has not to believe its potentialities, thus preventing all the possibilities of if expressing ahead of a group of people.


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An atheist is rushed after dying to know God and kept a discussion:-my son do that have not believed in me? -How do it Lord? I am a doctor, I’ve seen suffering to people, I’ve seen insults everywhere, I have witnessed atrocities in the world, but not I’ve seen you how to believe in what I can’t see? – But however you do it, you are man of science, and you’ve believed in atoms, genes, even think openly that you believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, all things that you can’t see, however not in me. -Science is a religion with tests. I have faith in it since it has methods, reasoning, facts. – And is not one sufficient fact the miracle of life to believe in me? -Waiting times that creates everything the Bible says? -No, it’s not so, only believe in what your heart you dictate, there are all the answers. -My heart has broken every day if you existias because you did nothing to make the world a better place? -You are unique son, so like the rest of all the men, women and children, everyone runs their way selfishly, without the possibility that I may intervene in their lives. – But you are Almighty, the King of the heavens, can do to make the suffering go away. -That is not the plan.

-The plan is that we suffer? -Son, think about how happy you are when you see someone suffer and you’re not you, thinks that the wealth exists due to poverty; for they have benefited must exist losers always. -Would you say that suffering is necessary to the happiness of others? -So. – But God, beyond most suffers, and are only few who are happy, you can’t believe that it’s fair. -Do you think that? -If. -You are wrong you son. Who does not suffer is bored of her happiness.