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10 Years Webguerillas – Successfully As Never

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The Munich-based Agency grows to 81 per cent in 2009 and achieved the most successful financial year in its history of Mu? meerkats, the 1st April 2010: Fu? r the year 2009 the webguerillas, Germany fu pull? feeding agency fu? r alternative advertising, a u? highly positive results. Thanks to numerous customer wins and often expanded cooperation with existing customers, the Agency was able to increase the fee revenue to 81 percent from EUR 1.5 million to EUR 2.7 million. La 34 percent? is it leaves a large part of this growth on services from the business? segment social media marketing, online monitoring, social media consulting, community marketing, etc. back? ckfu? hren. To the gro? za get budget gains? selected in 2009 including the ADAC, Jacobs Kro? nung and Bacardi Razz.

Fu? r the Partygetra? nk have the MU? Giesing in a broad-based, integrated social media campaign brand Ambassador wanted. The successful action around the party Tester underlines the importance of social media in terms of branding once again\”, so David Eicher, Business? ftsfu? hrer the webguerillas. Existing customers such as Deutsche Telekom, MINI, Zott and others could Abou? ber-beyond the budget volume erho? ht be. Parallel to the rapid growth of fee revenue the Agency has almost doubled the number of its permanent employees from 18 to 34. So ko? webguerillas tonnes which their position as great? consolidate coasts German special agency in the field of alternative advertising. Due to the continuing high demand for innovative and creative forms of advertising the webguerillas fu expect? the year 2010 a growth of fee revenue by about 30 percent to a total of 3.5 million euros. The number of employees will continue to significantly increased? ht be. In the tenth year of existence the webguerillas are more successful than ever. We strongly assume that above all the areas of ‘Social Media Marketing’ and ‘Referral marketing’ continue to gain in importance\”, as David Eicher.


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The piracy of COMPACT DISC and DVD are argued have much time and if it became a great challenge for the authorities. The politicians speak that he generates unemployment. I find that this occurs for the opposite Somebody already saw a COMPACT DISC salesman pirate to walk of BMW? Such commerce, only exists for the lack of chances of job and generation of incomes, as much for that vendem how much for that they buy. This fact and caused by the incapacity of the government to generate the economy of our Country. sincerely! In my opinion this will only finish when the prices to lower. All good that this does not go to finish or until finishes when I will be of bengalinha with my grandsons.

It can be is not! I am not being pessimistic quite to the contrary, would like that everything in my country improved, therefore still I will have my children and I want to leave for them a better place. But the results in one all do not please me. Today vi a News article in the National Periodical on the Piracy in Brazil. Luiz Pablo Barreto, secretary-executive of the Ministry of Justice, affirmed that ‘ ‘ R$ 30 billion per year leave of being collected in taxes in reason of pirataria’ ‘. It will be that if the Taxes of Products were lower (and righter, is clearly) would have little piracy in the country and more original products were acquired in normal store? Thus, theoretically it would be possible until increasing the prescription with taxes. If the tax is lesser, the product is cheaper, more people buys more taxes is paid.

CERPOS Host In The Innovation Forum Compass

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Successful models from practice in flagship company Hanau, February 19, 2010. CERPOS, a specialist in ERP consulting, selection and commissioning, compass invites in the framework of the Innovation Forum auto service technology to an event on the topic of “Cost reduction through optimisation of inventory processes” along with comfort. The event will take place on March 10, 2010 in the premises of the company comfort car service technology from 10:00 to 15:00, on the car mile 4 35394 Giessen. nal information. The companies under realistic conditions show when an inventory sampling is worth what savings she with it brings and how himself in practice this approach can be put. 10 years Innovation Forum compass of Cerpos is one of the flagship company, the present their know-how, their experiences and their practical implementation in a one-day event in the framework of the Innovation Forum compass a circle of interested parties.

The new Kompass catalogue 2010 presents over 40 compass hosts in the anniversary year and invites specialists and executives, qualify in some 35 best-practice events to inform about innovation and Exchange. Since the year 2000, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit are communicated through the idea of the compass. During registration for a compass event in 2010, each participant receives a small thank you. The range of topics includes both current management strategies and implementation examples of featuring information technology free day events with a wide range of topics. The visit by compass events is free of charge. Each participant is supported by following initiators: European Fund for regional development (EFRE), Hessian Ministry of Economics, transport and land development and the F.A.Z.

Institute. The compass catalogue 2010 and more information are available at the compass team in the F.A.Z.-Institut: F.A.Z.-Institute of management, market and media information GmbH business unit innovation projects Mainzer Landstrasse 199 60326 Frankfurt am main phone: (0 69) 75 91-32 03 fax: 75 91-32 38 E-Mail: Internet: about CERPOS the CERPOS GmbH Society for controlling logistics reengineering is on the ERP consulting and specialized introduction of medium-sized companies and in addition to the selection and commissioning also offers support in customizing of ERP systems, as well as in the management consulting, business re-engineering and controlling. Contact: CERPOS GmbH, Dipl.-ing. (FH) Thomas Oberlander of Rodenbacher Chaussee 6 63457 Hanau 06181-906 01 40-0 press contact: PRMS Axel Schmidt Bahnhofstrasse 44 61118 Bad Vilbel 06101-509848

Germany Systems

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Triple the measurement capability to the beginning of the year Strausberg, flexi – for 12 years, the company Padelt 3D works Systems GmbH in the field of high precision optical and computertomografischen 3D surveys, the 3D scanning. For this, their branches in all over Germany are accessible. Many long-term customers from diverse industries confirm the high quality and reliability of work. Just in the industry the 3D has become an indispensable instrument in the quality assurance and reverse scanning engineering. Where earlier machines and complicated drawings were used, surveying and know-how acquired over the years replace the arduous path of tactile measuring today high-precision non-contact 3D. But not only the workload is decisive for the decision of many customers for the 3D scanning. Once digitized data are available at any time and can be modified.

This is mainly for new and further developments of great importance. Records on the computer can use CAD programs edited, corrected or be extended. The complete geometry information exists at any time for the quality assessment. The requirements to the service provider are clear: high measurement accuracy and data quality in the shortest time. Mission of Padelt 3D Systems GmbH is exposing immediately at any time the highest quality of the measurement results for everyone.

For this purpose, 3D Padelt has developed the business principle of service. Incoming applications are immediately addressed and done within a very short time. This principle represents the benchmark for our work in time strongly fluctuating demand. To achieve this goal, the Padelt 3D Systems GmbH at the beginning of the year has realized 2013 significant investments. Many months before the team of reviewers has been systematically expanded and qualified. Thus, the measurement and off value capacity of the company has more than tripled within the last 3 months. So can Systeme GmbH within 24 hours of up to 100 different parts measured today at Padelt 3D fully 3D and sampled be. Thus, we are equipped today for every conceivable task to the 3D scanning and ensure the immediate processing for each individual order.”Managing Director Steffen Padelt is pleased. Thus, we are the right partner in terms of quality assurance and reverse engineering from single to large companies for each. The idea of the service is at Padelt 3D systems always in the first place: expert advice, prompt delivery, data quality, lowest price. The Padelt 3D Systems GmbH headquartered in Strausberg offers services for 3D scanning, reverse engineering and CNC milling on. The customers include medium-sized companies and globally operating companies from the metal and plastics processing, from the industry, as well as system manufacturer of medical technology and the automotive industry. The services are also used by customers of architecture and art. The digitization and data processing, up to the milled object staff support and develop your ideas. Padelt 3D Systems works over 12 years of experience in the field of 3D digitizing, CAD service and CNC milling. With nationwide branches, an optimal advice and processing is granted to customers from any region. The company Padelt 3D benchmark systems also 2013 new in the sector of 3D-Digitalissierung and CNC milling. It precedes continuously with new technology and many years of expertise.