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This subject became to stronger in 2004 with the enactment of the Federal Law in the 10.098. Nowadays, this discussion has intensified, but little has been done you improve the accessibility conditions in our country. In addition you the physical accessibility issue, which is extremely important, there ploughs also attitudinal barriers imposed on society which makes this issue social question. Therefore, accessibility is condition of access you the social physical means integrated in inclusion.

Tourism can be considered a tool you the inclusion of all people, including disabled people. The socialization in touristic activities gives US the opportunity you meet others and engage in conversations in the nice environment in natural and democratic way. The objective of this article is you the show the ways will be an accessible tourism in the City of So Paulo, where little by little changes have been implemented in favour of accessibility. Since So Paulo is big City, it presents many difficulties and has long way you go. Two touristic destinations has been analyzed in So Paulo, one downtown, in the If region, historical to center, and to other at So Paulo Avenue, financial to center and newly adapted. The intention was you analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two different and important locations in the City. In parallel with So Paulo, study was conducted on the City of Curitiba, which is considered the most affordable City in Brazil. These three places ploughs very different between themselves when we talk about to their amenities, administration and culture, therefore, comparisons and solutions were created will be the main problems and identifiable needs.

Portuguese Institute

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As measures of minimizao the accomplishment of archaeological soundings was proposal, through half mechanics. The works had elapsed in the month of January of 2006, under responsibility of the signatory archaeologist of this preliminary report. Thus, sond had been opened 3 ditches of 4×2 mts (. 1, 2 and 3), having itself observed great amount of tegulae, imbrices and dolia, as well as some fragmentos of domestic ceramics of chronology coeva. Of the 3 mechanical soundings efectuadas only 2 they had disclosed archaeological context, being that one of them (sond. 2) if presented barren of occupation vestiges human being. Sounding 1 allowed to observe an archaeological level (UE 2), characterized, essentially, for fragmentos of tegulae, fragmentos of dolia and fragmentos of common ceramics. The archaeological level was observed under a layer with about 60/80 cm of estratigrfica land power, dug for the culture of eucaliptos and pines, of dark chestnut coloration, with pebbles to the mixture (UE 1).

In this UE 1 tegulae and imbrices had been observed fragmentos of. In the interface of the two UE' s was observed a small one knocks down of tegulae and some fragmentos of dolia. Later, in way best to observe archaeological level, subdivided it sond. 1, in sond. 1-A and sond. 1-B.

There they had been lowered about 30 cm of the surface layer, reaching itself a level of tegulae, completely dug. The layer is equivalent to UE 1. Of the material point-of-sight one collected tegulae and fragmentos of dolia. Sounding 2 showed barren archaeologically. Sounding only 3 disclosed to archaeological material in the cut This (fragmentos of tegulae). In such a way, and after it visits to the place for the Dr Helena Moura (Portuguese Institute of Archaeology? Extension of Pigeon house), was praised the widening of the sounding ditches; of form to more get a knowledge widened of the small farm, allowing its interpretation.

One Dog

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Unusual It is not to buy second-hand boats. Some to prefer second-hand boats ace they plows to cheaper. However, buying to new inflatable boat is to easier boat than buying to used. For one thing you gift t have to worry if the boat is in good condition. The boat should sees in good condition ace it is brand new. If there plows defects you dog easily return it to under warranty. Foreseeable The only problem is that the boat is manufactured by some obscure company. It is always safe to buy to branded yam.

There plows plenty of inflatable boats that dog sees rightly picked right off the display of boat trade show. The boats displayed plows under loaded with freebies and add-ons that one is tempted to buy the boat right off. With discounts that plows jaw-dropping low, with to available 0% interest right then and then, to 5-year warranty and to cosmell full of free to beer, who would not buy that boat even if you dog t even pronounce to manufacturer s yam. One of the easy-to-spot flaws of this boat is foot pump. Most plows under small and inadequate that you need to energetically pump the whole thing for 30 you make a draft to inflate the seat- maybe to another hour or under to pump up the rest of the boat. To get around this problem, you would need to buy an additional pump which translates to additional COST. It is also clears disconcerting to find out that to after buying the additional pump and finally inflating the whole boat, you dog t fit the deflated boat back to its storage bag. It is to good thing if your main boat is roomy and dog accommodate to fully-inflated boat but: small boat will sees in trouble if this was the marries.