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Eagle Eye

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It happens that the pike just a "lazy" and then it is called passive, get a fish to grab your bait is much more complicated, she can swim a few meters behind her, and then turn around and disappear into the depths. In this case, will help speed entry with stops, during which time, and will throw, but he will not be strong and be on time posech. Pike does not like quick posting. Active pike usually strikes ambush and grabs the bait across – on this basis, have hooks in the middle and does a tail. Go ahead, not just one, in fact, the pike in the river! New location: many sedges and water lilies near the shore – will be hard to pull out, so need to pre-occupy the most advantageous position and simulate catching fish, not forgetting about the course, coastal bush and uncomfortable descent – all of which can seriously interfere with .

Often do throw against the flow, but Imagine if the fish will fall, we'll have to drag her across the grass, so you should choose a more acceptable angle. Doing casting and focus all their attention to the moment when the bait will be held on border sedges. Oh, there's something we can not take bites off guard! Well, I knew! Eagle Eye frantically beating the pike. The main thing is not happy and not to hurry. Fish, too tired, it was then and brings it to the bank: if the "pencil", we can pull as if fishing on the float rod, and if you are looking for a big podsachek. What is not so? Of course, hanging about in the woods with podsachekom not very comfortable, although it is possible.

I hope you do not forget to wear boots, if not then go into the water and right hands, gently take the fish, what to take is up to you, but as you know, the most painful place for pike – the eyes. Well remember the place where the pike was caught and all the places of gatherings in order to return there. Proved ichthyology and checked me not once – ever take the place of pike caught and you neighbor, having more or less tolerable memory that exploited the specific point. And remember – we do not catch fish in order not to die hunger, and to commune with nature, which is so necessary to modern man, and he reported this often does not suspect.

The Additive

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To activate the granulated slag to it adds a lime: cement for the main blast and open hearth slag at 10%, from acid-ferrous metallurgy slag, cupola production – 15-20%. Another important area of use granulated slag is used in their manufacture slag Portland cement. The introduction of slag in the cement composition in an amount of 30-50% does not reduce the strength of branding Portland. Moreover, applying the active glassy slag, slag Portland cement plants produce fast setting with high strength – up to 600 kg/cm2. Portland slag cement are widely used in construction practice.

A particularly important role they play in construction of massive waterworks. The fact that the hardening of cement with the addition of slag allocates 1.5-2 times less heat than without the additive, which determines high fracture toughness of concrete sets. Shlakoportlantsementy made by co-grinding in ball mills, pipe Portland cement clinker and granulated slag, the amount of which depends on the type of slag Portland cement. Granular slags are also used for the production of cement shlakoschelochnyh, which are hydraulic binders obtained by fine grinding of granulated slag with alkaline malogigroskopichnym bean or ground slag mixing solutions of compounds of alkali metals: sodium, lithium or potassium. Alkaline components are introduced in an amount of 5-15% by weight of slag in terms of dry matter in the form of compounds of alkali metals in aqueous solutions, which give an alkaline reaction. Shlakoschelochnye cements have several varieties, depending on the composition of the aluminosilicate component: bezdobavochny cement, blended cement or effusive intrusive rocks, clay minerals, burned rocks, alkali-and silicon-containing substances, etc.