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Products that are introduced, invade the human body, some to beautify it, such as earrings, rings, pircens, etc. In the range diagram of / still salient – we can see that certain satisfiers needs are kept hidden, since its origin, i.e. we can hide that we feel hungry, we need drinking liquids, or which are simply uncomfortable due to lack of cleanliness. These needs can be kept hidden, but are always present, however here it is not vital to make them known. For example, if we need a drug to soothe stomach pain, it is understandable that the consumer, do not make public this discomfort and even consume the drug in total privacy, this is due to the satisfactor is reserved use, perhaps as sanitary towels, tampons, suppositories, etc. However, we can also find in this classification of products introduction, those that are personal consumption, but the consumer prefers to be seen seen in order to demonstrate its purchasing power and to feel admired, envied or imitated, such is the case of brand beverages, cigarettes, jewelry, expensive ice creams, which besides being gratifying prepared at the time of consumptionthey offer the opportunity to differentiate themselves from each other recently in a class, the students explained in great detail that knowledge are also products of introduction because it is located within our brain!! And from there they autoejecutan as satisfiers.

CONCLUSIONS as you’ve been able to understand, this new classification has only innovative recognising the importance of the precise moment of contact between the sensors of the consumers and the qualities of products, a including time can safely perform best creative strategies, which are based on the privacy of the consumer and which will therefore go direct to his most intimate and true motivations. Finally, I can not recommend you to ensure the success of the advertising message, there is nothing better that more research, while most know the target market, and more information have the product, among other data. The greater the probability of generating good ideas. Bibliography: Ardila, r. (Ed.) experimental analysis of behavior: the Latin American contribution. Ed.

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