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Take Care

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In order to bathe a baby new born, it does not have to bathe in a bathtub. At the outset, when still they have the navel, sponge baths are only due to give him. This takes control of a hand towel and you will have to only wash from the cleanest area to the dirtiest area, always with water and rather soap, first in his carita and later the rest of the body. The care of the umbilical cord is very important, since if does not occur him the appropriate attention can even cause to him to an infection and the death. What we recommended the parents to him is that where is the navel, only in that area where is the skin and the navel they clean to him with alcohol.

Because the system of defenses of the baby not yet has been developed absolutely, it is necessary to protect it of being exposed to germs of all type. You must also say to him to the hermanitos that the baby is not a toy and that is not a doll. In addition they must have well-taken care of of not giving him to kisses in his carita because the greatest children can have gripa or something that can cause infection to him to baby. The experts recommend that him DES sponge baths until the umbilical cord falls to him, which will help to prevent any type with secondary infection. He contacts your doctor in case the baby gives samples of infection like the following: If to your baby he gives fever him, or if the color of the umbilical cord is red and inflation around, or if the cord continues bleeding, it emanates yellowish pus, and it produces a liquid with bad scent. The American doctors of the Academy of Paediatricians, recommend to use soap without perfuming since sometimes the baby can be very sensible to perfumes of soaps.

The Eternal

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Rule 5. Can or bottle? Drink beer out of Banks cool? Yeah, of course, if you drink shitty beer. Beer in the banks is rapidly cooled, but still drink it needed from the glass so as not to feel the taste of banks in the first place, and not to drink ahead of time, secondly. Especially if it is a very large bank. Pour beer into a mug and drink slowly, and only after it can be empty mug to pour more. Rule 6. Do not keep it in your hands Stop it all night long to pull in the hands of his beer. Put it on the table that you have nothing else hands to take? Most people do not realize how strongly and quickly heats up in the hands of a glass and drink.

And in the heat as any beer, even a very expensive and very good, turns to garbage. Rule 7. Love for free? You're one of those people who never buys a beer to your friends? Of course, you quietly accept a treat from the other and hoping that when the suit's your turn to buy beer or throw off the next box, everything would already be too drunk to remember. The devil take you! Threw at least a little in the pile from time to time. Do you know what happens with the meanie who are not thrown off along with all the beer? During this terrible sin they will go to hell, where the very, very no beer general fluid not only your tears, to extinguish the eternal flame.

Remanufactured Engine

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IMPORTANT! Before installing your Remanufactured engine, it is very important that you determine what was causing the breakdown of its previous engine. To ensure a proper functioning of its Remanufactured engine, you must determine what was the cause of the breakdown of your previous engine, and correct it. After you do so, please follow the points detailed below for the successful installation of your engine. INSPECTION VISUAL of your engine REMANUFACTURED before install it to check that the packaging of the engine is in good condition. Check that there are no external damage to the engine and its parts. If you find any abnormality or damage, do not accept delivery of the engine. Check the part number and locate guides, bayonet, ports, configuration of carter and lids. Verify the correct measurement of spark plugs.

Verify that the crankshaft flywheel holes are of the correct size. ASPECTS important before of starting the engine PRELUBE bleed oil pump before starting the engine to prevent wear premature and dry start damage. A prelubricador pressure is best. Use special lubricating oil for engines that operate with LP gas. If you don’t have prelubricador, immerse in clean oil oil pump, fill the oil filter and crankcase and bleed oil pump manually. Ultimately, fill crankcase with the amount of oil needed and running the engine without turn on for 20 or 30 seconds. In this way is achieved all the veins in the engine lubrication to fill with oil and prevent damage to metals from starting dry. Notes on the prelube in a remanufactured engine in engines with hydraulic chain tensioners (such as the Ford Triton 4.

6 l, 5.4 l and 6.8 l), it is very important prelubricar and loading of oil the chain tensioner. Otherwise runs the risk of starting the engine with a loose chain, which could cause that chain jump one or two teeth, causing in turn a piston to hit a valve since the engine would work out time. Importance of prelubricar motor prevent the high wear and impact of parts located in the upper and lower part of the engine, elements of great importance which should be well lubricated, reducing wear and maintenance. In one sentence: give more life to the procedure basic starter of MOTOR check fluid levels. Check oil pressure. Reset the time, carbure, check computer codes. If you find water in oil, making strange noises, or mistrust in the operation of the engine, ask for an internal review of the motor. Drive the vehicle at variable speed by 30 minutes max. 80 Km/h to the 600 km. to change the oil and oil filter, check the level of the liquid coolant, make sure there are no leaks or noises. Check correct operation Note: modifications or alterations, or change some parts such as carter, distribution covers or aims, etc., may be needed to install the engine. In such cases, the responsibility of these alterations always are the responsibility of the installer. TORQUE SCREWS ON THE STEERING WHEEL BE CAREFUL! A sobretorque on the flywheel bolts will lead to damage to the track of crankshaft and consequently the crankshaft rear seal leak. Use sealant to replace screws on the steering wheel and apply the proper torque without the use of an impact (pneumatic gun) wrench.

Second Best Tenerife Destination

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Tenerife, second best destination of sunshine for this winter according to Tripadvisor users on November 18, 2010, Tenerife is the second best destination of sunshine for this winter according to the users of the Tripadvisor travel portal. The island is situated in the ranking only behind Egypt and is the only place in Spain in the list of the 10 most valued. Vice President first of the Cabildo and island Councillor of tourism, Jose Manuel Bermudez, points out that this is proof that the offer of the island is one of the most appreciated and valued among travellers looking for a destination with good temperature ensured in an era in which the rest of Europe are, in many cases, below zero. Bermudez added that the news is, moreover, very positive because valuations in this outstanding travel portal perform them users themselves, so you express really their opinions and preferences. The list drawn up by Tripadvisor, behind Tenerife are located in destinations such as Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Cyprus, Madeira, Dubai or Malta. It is not the first time that the island tops lists of favorite resorts in Internet travel portals. Thus, a few months ago she was elected also by Tripadvisor as fifth favorite European destination for family travel.

Tenerife has also been the second destination most sought for 2010 by British travellers who use the travel Skyscanner website. In particular they have looked for hotels in the region of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In the ranking this portal developed earlier this year about 50 places preferred by its users to spend your holidays this year, the island was only surpassed by Malaga, and stood ahead of places like New York, Paris or Rome. The island was also one of the favorite destinations for German users of the portal of comparative In March, the island received nearly 60,000 votes as a destination preferred to go on vacation, only behind Mallorca. For more information: Infoturismo Tenerife 00 800 100 101 00 source: press release submitted by lianne. New tourist bus to tour Santa Cruz city Attractions Tenerife the waiting period for santa cruz dentist has come to an end health tips travel family travel Outlet: large sales private portals moved tab Weird news Rikudim Jan Van der Roost conducting (part 1)

Surprised Butterfly

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Muriel went almost with the post, and a computer on hand to write his poetry and send mails to his mother so that he is not worried of more. After walking by between the weeds in an abandoned wasteland encountered Mario, a butterfly who was talking very entertainingly with a margarita. I am Muriel dazzled by the color of their wings and her sensual voice. Muriel felt butterflies in his stomach, and he realized that he had fallen in love at first sight with this butterfly that smelled so good. Approached you a little bit trying to hear what they spoke until the butterfly became aware of his presence and I ask that toward spying on them. Muriel who had been surprised before so manly figure could almost speak, she who was accustomed to see young men and always equals black, I am amazed with the butterfly and I try to talk but could only mumble Hello, I am Muriel, an Ant La Margarita, who felt the most beautiful garden was made to laugh so stupid response, but Mario flew towards her and I watch the seducing gazing and rubbing it with one of its wings. Ant started to sneeze by pollen from the wings of Mario, and taking forces proposed marriage.

Surprised Butterfly him He replied you are very beautiful, and probably could learn to love you, but I only live one day sad Ant replied that he didn’t stay widow when salga la luna. It is more, he was everything she had hoped for love and much more. He had the most beautiful colors, and she wanted to love it, even so it was on that day. Mario, who had a sweet heart knew how to read the good intentions of Muriel, and without thinking about it more, the rose to your spine and took her to fly through the other flowers that he felt jealous of Muriel.