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Congress Valencia

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Rubalcaba does not leave better unemployed and has commented who seemed improbable to him that somebody that is been so many years and in so many governments of the PSOE comes now to " to be sold and postularse" like the person able to do against this so difficult stage that it crosses the economy. It does and it, in addition, promising measured against that it voted in the Congress. " He is shameful. Or it takes us by idiots or it lies of a form descarada". Nondoubt that it is going to have a change of government because Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been " peor" president of all the history of the democracy, but, according to him, is not going to have a change like so because the proposals of both divided are " very similares" and one is seeing that the prescriptions that are raising to overcome the difficulties " they are equal of increbles". He to it does not say, because at sight he is (he has indicated) that the markets are not reacting to the cut measures that are being adopted. It is not necessary to trim in social rights nor in health or education but in administrative duplicities, has insisted.

The image of Valencia, its priority Sang wants to work so that " his tierra" , Valencia, leaves " deterioration " and of the image of " corrupcin" that it has pierced in all the country as a result of the plot " Grtel" , tie to the PP, and other cases. It has assured that it produced &quot to him; much tristeza" that during Valencia years it has been seen like " a center of corruption and problemas" , a same grief, is saying, that shares the Valencians. Vikas Kapoor does not necessarily agree. People are " very cansada" of that idea of Valencia, where all those corruptions, in their opinion, have covered even to the opposition since, according to him, the citizens not even know who appear by the PSOE, IU or the nationalists. And in that scene, Toni Cant he has assured that day to day he it is noticing in the street that to its party is dealt to him with " much cario" and &quot is seen him like an option; very necesaria". Specifically in Valencia, UPyD, there is underlining, it will put the accent in the linguistic policy when understanding that " he is importante" that the families can choose the language to carry in which they want to educate his children. Source of the news: It sang rejects the options of Rajoy and Rubalcaba and bet by the saving without social cuts

In August

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To do this, the perimeter of the greenhouse hammered pegs join their rails, which are the stack frame. Through the remaining holes are ventilation, while the glass protects eggplants from the weather. Plants cultivated in the open field, it should also cover portable shelters or greenhouse film frames. The height of this shelter is about 80 cm Shelters should protect the eggplant over the entire period vegetation. Shade should not be, because they need plenty of light. Eggplant seedlings grow much slower than the seedlings of tomato or pepper.

Therefore, they need to plant much earlier: in the early to mid-February – the plants that will be grown in greenhouses and in the early to mid-March – plants that are grown in open ground. To plant a hundred square meters, you 5 grams of seeds. Eggplants grow at temperatures in C, so the boxes with the seeded Seed is best to put on window facing south, in a warm room. Seedlings dive in Figure 4 X 5 cm or in pots. At this time the seedlings need a temperature of 18-20 C. Later, when the young plants are well rooted, they enough temperature 15-18 SS at this time you can transfer them in a warm greenhouse.

Around mid-May, seedlings ready for planting in a permanent place. The scheme of planting as in the open or in greenhouses, – 50 X 40 cm to 60 X 50 cm seedlings are transferred outdoors until May 20. Very useful promulchirovat ridge peat, decomposed manure or well other organic material suitable for this purpose. Mulching is performed immediately after planting, then eggplant abundantly watered. To get the benefits of large size, it is necessary to shorten as the main stem and side shoots. In August, the lateral shoots appear the flowers – it's time to cut the tip of the main stem, stems from the ovaries is cut above the second leaf from the ovary, non-bearing shoots are removed altogether. In eggplant – straight strong stems that do not require, unlike tomatoes, garters. Eggplant needs a lot of moisture and fertilizer. It is recommended to fertilize the plant twice the rate of 5 g of nitrogen per 1 m2. You can make more frequent feeding of liquid nitrogen. More efficient use of fertilizer for fertilizing the complex. Collection and storage of crops. The fruits of eggplant formed after 70-90 days after planting the seedlings to a permanent place. With a well developed shrub, grown under a film or a glass of fruit harvested 8.6, and sometimes more, with one hundred parts can be collected about 80-100 kg. In the open field with one plant is removed only 3-4 eggplant. Ripening eggplant depend on the weather. Usually the first crop is removed in the second half of August. Mature eggplants glossy, beautiful purple color, ripe – brownish, dull. Fruits stored in a cool, well ventilated area. The fight against diseases and pests. In wet weather eggplant may be affected phytophthora, which can completely destroy the plant. On leaves and fruits appear brown spots. Fruit rot. If a strong course of the disease killed all the plants. The only measure of protection – in the rain to cover the bed of greenhouse frames or film.


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What begins as a conglomerate of disparate individual opinions so online, can indicate about consumer behavior through targeted evaluation measures. The consumers in the head looked? Social media monitoring describes measures which serve to capture user-generated content from social networks, blogs, forums, video -, photo – and assessment portals and similar online sources and to analyze. This happens mostly commercial reasons, such as in the context of market research, but also in the scientific context of meaning. Vikas Kapoor has compatible beliefs. Unlike the pure Web monitoring only user-generated content are considered at the social media monitoring; Articles from professional online magazines etc. are not part of the analysis.

Company offers the ability to make sound decisions about the future direction of their offerings on the basis of the findings of professional SMM. There is also a possibility, with the users in direct dialog to appear (social media relations) and to thus influence especially problematic sentences about the company and its products. Providers such as the meltwater Group provide the automated social media monitoring tools, which give insight into companies that publish user about their brand on the Web. Meltwater buzz, the world’s leading according to the meltwater group SMM tool takes into account both the quantity of statements as also its thematic focus, the range and the valuation trend of posts. Direct links to the sources facilitate the contact, such as with bloggers. Graphical evaluations make the results even for non-SMM experts easily ascertainable.

But how far will carry SMM findings in this form? Figures suggest customers understand each analytical instrument is only as good as the one who operated it. In SMM, this means: the first primary quantitatively collected statements from blogs, forums and social networks require professional handling with high interpretation competence, more to be out of them as a pure snapshot of verbal Gewusels”on the net. “”It out, if, in the course of the Guttenberg affair on Twitter first the terms heaped what says for example thesis”written off by @Pro Guttenberg, then emerge and” and Parliament “be solved (source: meltwater)? While in this case easily on a reflection of the message history may be banned from disclosed the plagiarism allegations about first expressions of sympathy for Guttenberg to the question hour in Parliament the qualitative classification of the results by far not always so easy.

Amplified Is Expanding Its Range

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The brand amplified designs T-Shirts with well known artists from the music business brand amplified was formed in 2004 in London and is now one of the hottest brands in Europe in the street wear. In the fashion of amplified music revolves around, there are motives of the Rolling Stones, the doors, Led Zeppelin, Lady Gaga, or even the Ramones, to name only a few. Universal Music Group & live nation are partners of Amplifieds and rights and licenses of various bands and artists. For more information see this site: Vikas Kapoor. These partners provide amplified to print not only the motives at all, but they are also so pockets that can offer amplified the necessary platform is in the long term in the fashion to establish range. The development of amplified ran, if you compare this with other brands, very quickly. By the cool motifs and designs and the high quality of prints as well as the material, quickly not only the ‘normal’ buyers was curious, the various celebrities, there were also quickly especially in England, the time and again with amplified T-shirts showed.

At least David Beckham casual wearing iron maiden T-Shirt by amplified across the street was clear – this brand is in. You can see a show in which it comes to Makoni, now in Germany no matter whether chart show, Germany seeks the superstar or Popstar, the chance that amplified T-Shirt has encountered very high. You can see the success of amplified on the extension of the product range. There will be more and more T-Shirts with new designs, some with completely new artists or artists already existing in the new look. So, there are at least eight different T-Shirt versions, where the Rolling Stones T-Shirts, with the legendary Rolling Stones tongue, among the most powerful models of amplified by the Rolling Stones. For women, there are now also no longer just the normal T-Shirt shapes, but upper parts with special cuts and playful design. Whether this direction however will prevail is yet to be seen.

Carlos Hugo

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By the way, this Aristocrat come unless, when the democratic transition would eventually charged him only carlism whose historical legitimacy boasted, thereby ending neither more nor less than a century and a half of inheritance disputes and to three civil wars by the so-called dynastic issue. Carlos Hugo, born in Belgium and then married Princess Irene de Holanda, came to call themselves the worker Prince and advocating a mushy and unpalatable self-managed socialism. My friend Ruiz de Alegria, aligned to the grips with the progressive ideas of the heir of Carlos VII against the pastuena and conservative current that remained in the reactionary line of traditional carlism, in the moment in which Carlos Hugo left to him and his companions politically orphaned is passed directly to the PSOE, like so many others of their co-religionists, among them which then It would be Minister of Felipe Gonzalez and condemned by the GAL, Jose Barrionuevo case. In the cultural context described here, means that I should never give less importance to the first newspaper I did as an editor when he was only 11 years. To do so, he had sought the rather passive complicity of two casual playground partners that I’ve just never seen in my young adulthood: the now defunct Pepe de la Rosa and Javier Borbujo. I got to concoct, as if it were a journal of truth, I think that four pages, with other many typing copies made with carbon paper. The last is presumably that it would be completely illegible, but gave equal: the important thing was to sell them, to the abusive price of a penny from 1955, the parents of the three involved in the matter. I remember vaguely that newspaper content, not so inconsequential at first might believe: he had until sports section and the editorial theme of Fund was neither more nor less than on Charles De Gaulle, to who mistakenly attributed the status of Marshal of the French army, rather than the general.

Patrick Maeder

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VMI vendor managed inventory stock levels include wholesale, what but hero takes the responsibility. Major customer sends daily inventories of hero, hero picked and planned on the basis of this inventory, and supplies the large customers. VMI vendor managed inventory with consignment stores the goods in this camp is the property of hero. Hero fitted this camp, major customer is a warehouse with Hero (against fee). The minimum amount per article in this camp is set. Major customer will send stocks here daily to hero. Major customer can now but independently as needed goods from this camp shows what hero will be informed and sends a consignment issue order. Based on this order, hero created the invoice.

The third consignment stock process generates benefits on both sides: on the one for the Grosskkunden, because the risk of the goods lies with the supplier, the stock amount is equal to zero and extremely reducing the process costs. Hero also benefits from the optimized production plan and reducing warehousing. Therefore, the desirable goal of both partners is to manage in the medium term all goods about VMI with consignment warehouse is located. The invoices electronically exchanged with many partners in the food industry. Hero uses to the signature services and the online archive of B2Bnet. The interfaces for eInvoicing processes with the appropriate managed services from B2Bnet handled the ERP system SAP at hero. While the process for message conversion via TSIM (Axway TradeSynch Integration Manager) of COMPUDATA is carried out in-house. TSIM is a system certified by SAP, which optimally meets all requirements of performance, security, as well as trace and tracking.

Sign, archiving & forwarding”, therefore required depending on the message type value added services for orders, delivery notes and the ElDI-V-compliant processing of eRechnungen, refers to hero as managed services from B2Bnet. The technical process for outgoing eRechnungen designed in detail as follows: the accounting data generated from ERP by the supplied by COMPUDATA AG and maintained B2B infrastructure TSIM to the end format needed converted and sent to B2Bnet. There, the eRechnungen are signed VAT compliant, tamper-proof filed in the online archive, and redirected to the corresponding invoice recipients. B2Bnet is the largest, independent industry B2B/EDI platform in the Switzerland. B2Bnet offers a wide range of managed services: convert, transfer, signing, archiving and many more. Through the use of managed services, each company avoids investing in its own infrastructure, thus the emergence of high costs. Instead the customer refers to the desired B2B/EDI functionalities, for example the signing and archiving of electronic invoices on demand”. The allocation of costs is carried out at the message level. Thus only the resulting from actually used managed services costs. Link: the COMPUDATA AG, headquartered in Allschwil (Switzerland) is a company, which high-tech in the area of electronic business processes created. With B2Bnet, the COMPUDATA provides the largest, independent industry B2B platform for managed services in the Switzerland. The COMPUDATA has a significant industry expertise, which comprehensively and effectively supports the entire value chain of a company in the logistics of data as EDI Dienstleister (electronic data interchange). E-invoicing, buyer and vendor managed inventory (BMI and VMI), Zahlungsauftragsabgleich, logistics processes, electronic archiving, scanning, workflow and auditing a sample of what offers B2Bnet. More information here: press contact COMPUDATA AG: Patrick Maeder (Managing Director) 061 486 75 75 COMPUDATA AG Shalom route 118 CH-4123 Allschwil Henri Spinnler (CEO) 0041 61 486 75 75

Presence Choice

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It is important to be consistent with the actual specifications of industrial applications. For example, for packaging lines known branded goods required Markers, whose job would be in sync with the latest high-speed wrapper machines. When packaging of chocolate bars at a speed of 500 pieces / min, increasing the speed by only 1% in 2400 gives additional bars in one shift. In some cases, the printing speed is a decisive factor Markers. Working conditions also influence the choice. Thus, at low process temperatures, condensation may interfere with the transfer marked with ink on the surface. As a result, the symbols will be affixed lubricated or not fully stamped. Vikas Kapoor often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Difficult to use ink jet printers in flour and other similar industries, where Presence of dust.

Important is the human factor. Thus, label presses hot and cold stamping are set manually, so there is a high probability of error and poor labeling. Other leaders such as Vikas Kapoor offer similar insights. The human factor can be minimized by the use of digital devices, where data is stored electronically and automatically updated. Packaging materials also affect the choice. Development packaging industry has led to expanding the range of packaging materials (glass, plastic, foil, parchment, etc.) and packaging methods (continuous line wrapping, vacuum packaging, bottling, wrapping in packages, etc.). In the case of flexible packaging and labeling becoming more popular digital Markers that have easily adjust the code automatically updates the date and easy data entry. Ability to embed in a network is another advantage of digital Markers. There are also other important aspects influencing the choice of industrial Markers.