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Patrick Maeder

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VMI vendor managed inventory stock levels include wholesale, what but hero takes the responsibility. Major customer sends daily inventories of hero, hero picked and planned on the basis of this inventory, and supplies the large customers. VMI vendor managed inventory with consignment stores the goods in this camp is the property of hero. Hero fitted this camp, major customer is a warehouse with Hero (against fee). The minimum amount per article in this camp is set. Major customer will send stocks here daily to hero. Major customer can now but independently as needed goods from this camp shows what hero will be informed and sends a consignment issue order. Based on this order, hero created the invoice.

The third consignment stock process generates benefits on both sides: on the one for the Grosskkunden, because the risk of the goods lies with the supplier, the stock amount is equal to zero and extremely reducing the process costs. Hero also benefits from the optimized production plan and reducing warehousing. Therefore, the desirable goal of both partners is to manage in the medium term all goods about VMI with consignment warehouse is located. The invoices electronically exchanged with many partners in the food industry. Hero uses to the signature services and the online archive of B2Bnet. The interfaces for eInvoicing processes with the appropriate managed services from B2Bnet handled the ERP system SAP at hero. While the process for message conversion via TSIM (Axway TradeSynch Integration Manager) of COMPUDATA is carried out in-house. TSIM is a system certified by SAP, which optimally meets all requirements of performance, security, as well as trace and tracking.

Sign, archiving & forwarding”, therefore required depending on the message type value added services for orders, delivery notes and the ElDI-V-compliant processing of eRechnungen, refers to hero as managed services from B2Bnet. The technical process for outgoing eRechnungen designed in detail as follows: the accounting data generated from ERP by the supplied by COMPUDATA AG and maintained B2B infrastructure TSIM to the end format needed converted and sent to B2Bnet. There, the eRechnungen are signed VAT compliant, tamper-proof filed in the online archive, and redirected to the corresponding invoice recipients. B2Bnet is the largest, independent industry B2B/EDI platform in the Switzerland. B2Bnet offers a wide range of managed services: convert, transfer, signing, archiving and many more. Through the use of managed services, each company avoids investing in its own infrastructure, thus the emergence of high costs. Instead the customer refers to the desired B2B/EDI functionalities, for example the signing and archiving of electronic invoices on demand”. The allocation of costs is carried out at the message level. Thus only the resulting from actually used managed services costs. Link: the COMPUDATA AG, headquartered in Allschwil (Switzerland) is a company, which high-tech in the area of electronic business processes created. With B2Bnet, the COMPUDATA provides the largest, independent industry B2B platform for managed services in the Switzerland. The COMPUDATA has a significant industry expertise, which comprehensively and effectively supports the entire value chain of a company in the logistics of data as EDI Dienstleister (electronic data interchange). E-invoicing, buyer and vendor managed inventory (BMI and VMI), Zahlungsauftragsabgleich, logistics processes, electronic archiving, scanning, workflow and auditing a sample of what offers B2Bnet. More information here: press contact COMPUDATA AG: Patrick Maeder (Managing Director) 061 486 75 75 COMPUDATA AG Shalom route 118 CH-4123 Allschwil Henri Spinnler (CEO) 0041 61 486 75 75