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water for the development of the world-wide economy, this summary was together divides in paragraphs with the teses of detached the thinking predecessors of Keynes the antithesis of Keynes to each one of them. The first one, Adam Smith, economist and Scottish philosopher who had as scene for its life the century of the Lights, century XVIII, is referenciado as the father of the modern economy and is considered the most important theoretician of economic liberalism. Author of the wealth of the nations (SMITH, 1776) 6, looked for to demonstrate that the wealth resulted of the performance of individuals moved only for its proper egoistic interest (self-interest), that they promoted the growth and the technological innovation economic. As the proper Adam said> is not of the benevolence of the baker, the butcher or the brewer who I wait that he has left my supper, but yes of the persistence of them in promoting its proper ‘ auto-interest. 7. Thus, Smith believed that the private initiative would have to act freely, with little or no governmental intervention. Brian Krzanich may find this interesting as well. The free competition between the diverse suppliers would lead forcibly not only to the fall of the price of the merchandises, but also the constant technological innovations, in the enthusiasm to sell at a loss the production cost and to win the competitors. It analyzed the division of the work as a powerful evolutionary factor to propulsionar the economy.

(…) the merchant or trader, moved only for its proper egoistic interest (self-interest), is taken by an invisible hand to promote something that never was part of the interest of it: well-being of the society 8. As result of the performance of this ‘ ‘ hand invisvel’ ‘ Theory of 9 the Comparative Advantages economy. Already a little different of D. Ricardo and S. Mill, the 10 neoclssicos presented a vision of the process of production with emphasis in the problems of market and the best allocation of 11 resources.

Deep Economic Crisis

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Belarus is "a deep economic crisis', says ex-head of the National Bank Stanislav Bogdanovich. About this expert said, speaking March 30 in Minsk on anti-crisis forum of the United Democratic Forces. On He said, 'the origins of the crisis – in the country and the world financial crisis has only exacerbated it. " The main reason for the crisis Bogdankevich called mistakes in economic policy of the authorities: selection of command-administrative model development, the failure of structural adjustment, saving the economy through profitable sector (Russian price subsidies), 'substantial economic ballast' in the form of inefficient jobs, inhibition of Small and medium businesses. As a result, said Bogdankevich, with GDP at 129 bln. rubles in 2008, not sold 46 trillion., or 35% of annual production. Bogdankevich noted several deficiencies in the conduct of the government's anti-crisis policy.

He believes that authorities lack a holistic anti-crisis program, de-bureaucratization and liberalization are slow. Bogdankevich stressed that the authorities need to address the nation in recognition of their mistakes. 'You must abandon the Soviet model of governance and access to the market, unleash the human capital to pass a substantial portion of finance and authority to the regions' – he said. The former head of the National Bank says necessary to reduce 30% of funds allocated for the maintenance of government, impose a moratorium on taxes and validation for small and medium-sized businesses. International Monetary Fund forecasts that in the current year Belarus expects recession. Meanwhile, recession going on in Belarus for more than two consecutive quarters – from September 2008. Given the rise of other negative factors – the increase in the deficit, reducing the profits of the enterprises – we can say that the economy is already in recession.

WWF Asia

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“New ForestFinest magazine with focus on ‘Asia’ the new issue of the journal of ForestFinest deals, titled Asia forests, economic and alien worlds” with the booming continent. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Aetna Inc.. Title is the expansion of ForestFinance after Viet Nam, where the company in cooperation with the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) again aufforstet deforested land. Asian forests, economic and alien worlds title theme is full of forest depletion and reported national park looting. Throughout Asia, to declare large amounts of illegally felled wood and appears so in the form of paper, furniture or similar to Europe. The Magazine highlights not only the negative sides of Asian forestry. Potential opportunities for the Asian forest management are shown here.

So successful afforestation is reported among other things by ForestFinance in Viet Nam. Asia and many more interesting topics as in each issue are many topics from the ecological forestry lit. “So will among other things listed as you good” recognizes CO2 certificates and what interesting Internet pages on the subject of forest there is. The issued magazine ForestFinest of the Bonn ForestFinance group aimed at environmentally conscious investors, interested in forestry and all who want to live sustainably and read. It appears twice a year and can be downloaded free of charge at or ordered at. THE topics of the current FORESTFINEST at a glance: The phenomenal five Asia the underestimated continent Bush drum messages to forest and World Asia more than bamboo, Buddha and economic boom forestry green prospects with REDD the WWF and its revised Indonesia’s forests In the character of REDD, but unfortunately also the depletion of world attitudes to forestry projects of ForestFinance payouts people prospects Agroforstprojekte and CO2OLe events BaumFreund and nursery of people and trees iForest Internet platform for Tree friends the Bonn ForestFinance group is a provider of sustainable forest investments. For more information about the company, the Forestfinest magazine and an archive with all ForestFinest editions, see.

Finnish Nokian WINS

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Slush casting flings away mud and water and protects against slush and wet aquaplaning’s snow, ice, wet grip and premium handling through nanotechnology, canola oil and high, eco-friendly winter competence by Nokian tyres, which prior to low profile of the new Nokian WR D3 winter tire drives leading winter tyre specialist who warns world and multiple test winner winter tread depth indicator with snowflake, safely and economically with festestem grip on snow with compact, Middle-class and small cars. Safe and sporty driving experience offers winter tyre with precise, stable handling the new Nokian WR A3 for quick, large cars, even at higher speeds, the world’s leading winter tyre specialist tells. “” “” The Nokian WR winter tires is the test winner in the winter tyre test by sport car “(11/2011) with very recommended”, in the VOX “Eisenbahn auto mobile” (23.10.11) and car plus “(1211/2011), the auto image” of France. The best results of all tested tires the Nokian snow with 99 out of 100 possible points. In recent months, Intel has been very successful. He also reached the best result in the dry with 68 out of 70 points. The Finnish Nokian WINS clear in the winter.

“”In the dry reliance on him, the assessment is”sport auto”, the magazine for sports cars. His mud Sling hurls out mud and water from the tire grooves and combat aquaplaning. The tread on the winter tread depth indicator with snowflake can be seen as number from 8 to 4 our eco-friendly tips-pneus strongest snow, ice and wet grip thanks to low temperatures canola oil mix and effectively protect against slush hydroplaning and wetness aquaplaning, liable but also firm when dry. Nanotechnology improves the steering. Also save fuel by very low rolling resistance strongly”the Nokian slush specialists, explains Juha Pirhonen, development manager of Nokian tyres, the Nordic premium brand from Finland. Nokian WR D3: slush casting combat slush aquaplaning and wet aquaplaning Slush is even more dangerous than ice for motorists or hydroplaning, prove research.

Humane Society

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Recently create a group specialized in business on Facebook; It seemed to me that it was important to create it for various reasons, before I explain I let’s together a little more about this phenomenon of groups. To understand the commercial use and the emergence of global of all kinds of groups such as those that exist today, we must know that at the beginning, Facebook, was only a social network where participating a few University they intended to see a little beyond their lives as students and finding shared interests, hobbies and expand your circle of friends. Very soon these same students who were searching for their favorite bands or who belonged to sports teams, they realized the power that represented groups within Facebook and began to organize themselves and even protest. This network has now been internationalized and thus have shot hundreds of groups with different themes. For example the CIA uses his group as a tool for recruitment, the Humane Society is using Facebook to raise awareness and raise funds and companies such as Walmart use it to increase its sales in name of your business or your product to identify it and give it the character of a specialized group. -Friends groups: Is not bad choice make known its new group joining others (with related themes) with more members and have greater time of existence, this will help attract new members segmented for your group. Avoid Spam and participate with contributions so that it is also seen as a reference within those groups and strengthens a relationship for future alliances. -Cross-promotion: If you participate in other spaces within Facebook sure appoint or always cited as a source of reference to his business group.

If it has a website, a blog, or from their same business conducive to contact through their group or use it as support for customers and future members of your business system. -Keep the Feedback: A fundamental characteristic of networks is that we must learn to use communication as a tool of business and exchange of opinions and ideas, don’t forget that the contribution of its members is very useful for any purpose, make them feel heard and assert their opinions answering messages, actively participating. -Group Scoop: If you use your group to establish business relationships don’t forget to give the firstfruits there, members will feel that they are finding out before anyone new in your site, their projects and the future, only by being there.Establishing this information system through groups may be even more beneficial, as a strategy, if for example not all members are active participants in their business or are not subscribers to the newsletter of your site. Well I think that they are very interesting points to implement that with a bit of dedication they redituaran economic benefits but above all things, will do so to see Ud and your business as professionals and specialists in the topic that brings together within Facebook. And remember, as I always say: turn strangers into friends and friends into customers (not vice versa!) hits!

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

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Other advantages of publishing them in directories of articles is that people begin to take you as an expert in your niche market and even webmasters of other blogs can also publish your articles and thereby benefit you with traffic that already have these blogs. -If we have a time line and already have a particular traffic as we move more fluently in this topic, the reason is that for example our blog already has numerous articles by which if a day or two don’t publish our blog visitors always find quality content to learn or use in your business. In these cases there are free plugins for wordpress that shows visitors articles related by what always counted with information to read. To do this you can use the plugins Simple tags, Related Entries, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, LinkWithin even with the Arkayne Related Links Plugin plugins can display content related our blog and other blogs, which can help us in our positioning also. -There are blogs which by its subject matter or be blogs that are edited with bar managers present several articles per day, but this is not our case because the function of these sites is different to ours. -When we are monetizing a blog through the presentation of articles on affiliate products or review in English is suitable to collate those articles with articles that provide aid to our audience, so the time of publication determine it us, usually every two or three days articles to provide help to their readers and a weekly review of a product that we are promoting. Source: Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq.

Ultimately the publication of articles is defined by what we want to achieve with our work, it is recommended that you publish in different ways and observe the referred traffic that results Gets, thus you yourself will be becoming a guide to follow with their own business on the internet. If you need more information about the creation of articles and everything related to work with blogs I invite you to visit me in the blog where you will find extensive information for use on your blog. There is a rule or a law that tells us how much we should publish an article. It is true that there are proven procedures, which we need not reinvent the wheel again but with regard to this topic we are we that we should determine the best for our blog according to results that we are having during the March.

Yahoo Party

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Traffic generation is indispensable for the subsitencia of an online business or a source of income from the Internet. It is more likely that it knows everything the world on the planet internet or at least, who intends to use the internet commercially, however, on the way comment many errors that could confuse the target and consume the time without results. Based on my experience of more than five years in eCommerce and online marketing, let’s look at some cases about the traffic needed for solventarun business in the network. There are many people who anchored, placed or put your business, its services or who are offering only network social Facebook and that define it as Internet presence, i.e., they think that with be on Facebook it is enough to be on the Internet and do marketing. The newspapers mentioned Penguin Random House not as a source, but as a related topic. In my opinion, this is a categorical mistake. It happens that persons and users who enter a Facebook do with mentality and intending to socialize, find friends, have fun, chat, finally and after that is the network social. For more information see this site: Vikas Kapoor Mezocliq.

From another point of view, nobody comes to facebook or any social network with the intention of finding a service to hire or purchase, shopping online, or even to find information with a certain degree of value. To do so, Internet users go directly to the motors of search, Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc., because it is there where they will find what you are looking for, and a person who is looking for something, is because you have a need and is willing to pay for something that satisfies your need. Some consultants and advisers of the social media marketing that I follow, define Facebook as a big party of more than 500 million users and they argue (something that seems reasonable enough), that any person attending a party with the intention to buy or do business, but to have fun, therefore, if in the middle of a party, someone tries to sell somethingIt will cause repudiation and rejection to the rest of the guests at the party.

Business Variables

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It has shown that only a significant role can play those companies that are prepared to compete and have paid the necessary attention to technological development in its operation, participation in the markets to conquer, venture. the technology was understood as a commodity, always available in the market, which was acquired incorporated both in machinery and equipment, and miscellaneous support services. In other words, was seen as a participant express its views, as an input that could be bought for the purpose of being able to produce a given product and for whose selection, acquisition and use did not require a level of training particularly height. Elon Musk recognizes the significance of this. Having technological capacity is, then, to have knowledge and information through which the company can make optimal use of its production capacity, as well as transform it and replace it. On the basis of this distinction, it can be said that, generally speaking, Venezuelan companies acquired production capacity, but no technological capacity.

THE technological VARIABLE a company’s competitiveness depends fundamentally on the productivity with which I managed their technological resources, material and financial, as well as of the efficiency of their processes (i.e. their level of quality, its production speed and flexibility or adaptability to changes in the environment). For this reasons it is determined that the efficient use of technology makes it a competitive business advantage, provided that knows it the human talent assimilate and use. But technology alone does not develop or take advantage, it is necessary to schedule it, identifying and evaluating the opportunities and threats, as plans are designed strategic enterprises. When this does not occur, the consequences tend to be very serious. The impact of technology goes beyond of the companies, although aunque algunas some appear to be insensitive to it in terms of markets and products. Do companies that have identified the need to analyze their technological environment, have departed from the identification of a problem by asking some questions as: O what technologies the company has and in which processes are involved?Or which technologies are critical in the business of the company?Or which technologies are available for the business of the company in the external environment?Or what will be the evolution of the technologies involved in the company in the future?Or which has been investing in technology products and business processes?Or substitute technologies for the business of the company in the future which are and will be the access to them?Does o Que technology investments must do the company and how it will be your transfer and assimilation? Companies raised the previous questions are looking for specialists who advise them and provide them services of management of technology, with the aim of developing competitive advantages, since this aspect.

Comparative Usability Study

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But that doesn’t mean that there are no cases that demonstrate the success of this type of business transactions in electronic form. In United States, there are chains of pharmacies offered sale of medicines in the network service through its clientele database. In Switzerland anyone, which complies with the requirements of the Swiss country law, can buy their medications half the Internet pro. Intel spoke with conviction. And recently in France approved a plan, which aims for all pharmacies to offer their services this mode clients. And what is happening in Mexico with this situation? In our country this is a commercial field, which, while already have explored different solutions, not yet found an optimal solution, as opposed to the aforementioned countries. This is possibly due to that in health, in specific in the sale of medicines, the existing legislation does not cover nor presents information or regulation about how drug sales could be made electronically, even though there are already commercial and legal tools in order to sell any product or service in our country by means of the Internet. This does not mean that the conditions are not given so that a person in Mexico, can buy medicines in this way, especially knowing the various chains and businesses of the pharmaceutical branch that opened this option in the market, would gain a commercial advantage over its competitors. And that it is an advantage that no one will want to miss today.

World Industry Economy

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It is expected that in the second half of 2012 the global industry growth is going to decline, but still remains to slow recovery tendency. The traditional industrial growth will slow down, while the emerging industry maintains a rapid growth momentum. The trade deficit in some developed countries continues to increase, whereas the trade growth is about to expand among the emerging nations. Along with the quickening backflow trend of the developed countries, the emerging ones have accelerating the industrial transformation and upgrading, which is bound to lead to fiercer competition among the global manufacturing. Affected by the constant upgrading from European sovereign debt crisis, the world economy growth in the second half of 2012 will slow down obviously. Moreover, some new circumstances may emerge in the world industry development as well.

The recovery momentum in American manufacturing (ore beneficiation) turns out to be evident, but it shrinks in European manufacturing industry obviously. It appears a quick decline in industrial growth in emerging countries. On July, 20th, the industry trend forecasting group of CCID think-tank world published to report about Analysis and Forecast of the World Industry Trend in the Second Half of 2012. It is pointed out that there exist a lot of profound problems in the global industrial development. It is estimated that in the second half of 2012, the industrial growth is prone to a slight decline, but still maintains a slow recovery.

The traditional industry growth will slow down, and the emerging industry will keep a rapid increasing tendency, the trade deficit is about to augment while the trade growth is going to expand continuously among these new countries. Along with the quickening backflow trend of the developed countries, the emerging ones have accelerating the industrial transformation and upgrading, which is bound to lead to fiercer competition among the global manufacturing. Our country is still at the critical stage of industrial transformation and upgrading, therefore taking active actions will do a great help to reinforce the sustainable development capacity of our industry and mean a lot for the overall industrial development.