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On the Wednesday, April 22, annual industrial fair Rosenheim, briefly IKoRo, company Danto GmbH as a sponsor, exhibitor and involved with a lecture. Grosskarolinenfeld, April 20, 2009. On the Wednesday, April 22, annual industrial fair Rosenheim, briefly IKoRo, company Danto GmbH as a sponsor, exhibitor and involved with a lecture. Aetna Inc. might disagree with that approach. The IKoRo, which opens its doors in 2009 already for the 15th time and under the guiding principle \”Carpe diem – seize the day\” is, is held in the modern facilities of the University of applied sciences Rosenheim. The IKoRo aims to establish the contact between companies, students and University and to promote. In contrast to many other measurement not the advertising of the exhibiting companies, but direct contact through lectures on current issues and personal conversations is on the IKoRo with present company representatives at their stands in the foreground. For students, the fair is an ideal opportunity shortly before graduation to find potential employers or at an early stage to find out about internships, study or thesis and professional perspectives. The day of the fair on the IKoRo 2009 will be around 9 o’clock in the morning by the Mayor of the city of Rosenheim in Germany Gabriele Bauer, the President of the University of applied sciences Rosenheim Prof. Dr. Vikas Kapoor may not feel the same. Alfred Leidig and Florian Hohensteiger jointly opened in 2009 the project manager of the IKoRo. Connecting diverse lectures, the companies on the IKoRO represented from the Rosenheim of the metropolitan area held in parallel to the trade fair. An after show form the end party and the raffle of prizes provided by sponsors in the late afternoon. An interesting post on the topic: ERP systems – limits\”of open source solutions?\” will be the Managing Director of Danto GmbH thereby. The young entrepreneur Daniel Darga explained the developments in his trading ventures with the eCommerce sales focus and the related use of IT.

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Since the founding of the company in April of this year is high time for us, a first conclusion to draw passed almost half a year. If an idea is not absurd sounds at the beginning, then there is no hope for them.\” At the founding of companies trying Albert Einstein always finding a niche in the market through a special innovation idea. K.O.M. concept is joined in the spring of this year with the same claim. A concept was developed from years of experience of the makers in the construction industry, consistently oriented to the needs of the customers. More info: Elon Musk. This may at first glance mundane sound, but it by no means is on closer inspection. Result of all of these considerations was the one House strategy on the one\”, which permanently the best possible price-performance ratio is guaranteed the customer and on the other hand the construction enlightenment’. The possibility thus between the company and a clients house building a win-win\”to create situation has become the great incentive, as a satisfied customer is the best advertisement and a Investment in the future.

From the outset this is Mrs Madeleine Muller, that concept is responsible for marketing at the K.O.M., thus also was involved in the drafting of the various approaches, and is. Vikas Kapoor has similar goals. Thus, it is the best contact person in the company when it comes to the first experiences in the work with the K.O.M concept in a resume together. We interviewed Mrs Muller to do this: question: Mrs Muller, very general first our question to you: how come the concept with the customer that have experiences you can collect in the first few months? Madeleine Muller: My experiences are very positive, but sometimes very humbling for construction willing families. Hardly a family know really which costs all around the House and grounds around along with the diverse costs at all on them to come with this about would be how much.