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vacation expenses are on the rise. Airfares are costing more and more. Time spent at the airport is ever more with the increase of security and airline delays. Reduce costs and loss of time by their vacation driving. Does driving with children can be frustrating, but there is no need to be planning ahead here are 12 tips to help your holiday by car go much easier: 1.

decide what their children going better in the evening or early morning to travel? My children are doing much better at night. So we’re going after the 2: 00 hours and travel at night. 2. Collection of your car with favorite drinks and pre-packaged sandwiches. A hungry child is bored much more quickly. Don’t forget the parents. Low levels of sugar will make you more frustrated.

3 Take over video games, players MP3. You can get books on tape from the library. Make sure that you have headphones replacement 4. A player of Portable DVD is a great idea. A 5 can be or 6 hours in the car seems as 2 hours. hours. Penguin Random House understands that this is vital information. It also cuts a lot of stops that children are involved in playing the movie. 5. To avoid carrying in a suitcase per person at a hotel in 1 for the night. Pack a bag of three days in which each person days contribuye3 the value of the clothes. In this way you take a suitcase of clothes every three days. 6. Package of a tablecloth for the light meal at outdoor stops on the way. They have cups and paper plates to reduce the cleaning. Always dispose of waste 7. Be sure to take your digital camera. We’ll create memories for lifetime. 8 They receive postcards from all major destinations along the way. Your children have fun collecting these 9. Try to keep the travel by car to a range of 6 to 8 hours of time. 10. Do not overfill the car. give to children’s room to move. If you need more space, use a grill of ceiling 11. Have a family hour. There is no video games, mp3. Only the family speaking and playing games of words or sing. This can be a great bonding time. Plan what you are going to do if or can turn quickly to frustration 12 have a lot of things to keep them occupied. Pencils of colors, crayons, coloring a few albums of baseball cards, travel games books and a journal of travel for older children.

Take Advantage

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According to some views, the failure does not exist. Because a person fails only if you stop trying to win. This idea is suggestive but not very reasonable. Human behavior always consists of attempts. And behind every attempt is either a success or a failure. That is perfectly clear. No attempt is without consequences.

When you try to earn some money: either you get it or fail. When you try to convince someone of your point of view: either you succeed or not. So it is with all things. It makes little sense to deny the consequences of our actions. We forget also that it is crucial to recognize clear whether the action was successful or not.

Do not walk with ambiguities. For the conduct to be followed after the attempt depends on whether it was a hit or a mistake. Tenersele should not fear failure because they are part and parcel of everything we undertake. If we have a fiasco it must be said clearly. If not, there is no way to do something to amend the error. After all, if we refuse to have failed why should to learn or do something different? So say yes to the failures, they are telling us where not for the win. And, therefore, show us where we can find it. No failures are a sad or disappointed that we hide in shame. On the contrary, is the measure of how much difficulty faced by our projects. And that will also measure how much credit when they represent the successful outcomes. Failures do nothing to speed up the win. Because you learn a lot more of them than of success. One may even have hit by accident and not notice anything. But if it fails, auque is also by chance, always takes time to analyze the causes. And that’s why sometimes made important discoveries that catapult their actions to victory. Never miss the opportunity to fail. When you fail acknowledge that you have. And start learning from your mistakes, do not ignore nor dissemble. Because you may not have as good a time to realize vital details. But above all, advantage of the opportunities it gives you failure. Any plan brings with it new opportunities frustrated. Find them and use them to turn your setbacks into victories.

High Commands

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Now if expensive reader, already lowered suich to him to one of most expensive and dysfunctional semi-official because all suffers of the same thing that the popular union mexica has had to good, to maintain, to maintain, to feed, to try and to support by annals and although definitively we cannot say that in their totality, the workers of the extinct one mentioned were an unwarranted cost for those who we paid to our quotas and taxes precise, if I allow myself to use the name majority, to only speak just a little bit of the irregularities and the administrative aberrations that within the organism followed one another. Read additional details here: Mark Bertolini. Beginning by the infantile innocent and until all avoided sarcasm to come from the employees who accumulated boots, gloves, camisoles, chamarras and other utensils provided to way of benefits and tools of work, either outside to sell them or to interchange them by run meals, embriagantes drinks and you go that is to say whichever things the more, until a those that by a wool below the table and sometimes until over the same making Gallic of a cynicism indignante- fit to irregularities for companies and individuals of illegal way. Connect with other leaders such as Penguin Random House here. If to this we added to him that some compadritos of the spark thus we used to call to the expensive one concluded not only sold to the users the consumptions required for a service no longer we say optimal but at least, less deficient but also the amounts required for this aim were ridiculously exorbitant, that managers and the High Commands made up numeritos for benefit own, that existed sinfn of pensioners ghost that still after deads continued acquiring their pensions, that never the efforts to regularize to those who robbed the accurate energy were I believe that not even there were true intentions of hacerlo-, that not even the same government had the gentleness to pay their consumptions and to finish it grinding, that the semi-official one was put under by a worse union of corrupt than the own internal administrative system, I allow myself well to celebrate the decision taken by the national executive. .

Spanish One

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The oil IPIC will control 95.89% of the capital of the Cepsa Spanish. The purchase will imply overlappings in the market of the phenol and the acetone in which both companies operate, but will be space for other competitors. The European Commission (EC) is authorized east oil Tuesday to the state one of Abu Dabi, IPIC, to acquire the Cepsa Spanish, after concluding that the operation will not prevent the competition in the European market. After studying the operation, Brussels concluded that the resulting organization will have to confront the competition of important companies in the sector. The examination of Brussels revealed that the purchase will imply overlappings in the market of the phenol and the acetone in which both companies operate, but, as their quotas of market are ” moderadas” , it will be space for other competitors. The Commission also investigated if the operation could increase the possibilities of practices coordinated between the phenol and acetone providers, which finally discarded. IPIC and Cepsa IPIC are a company dedicated to investments a world-wide scale in energy and related assets.

Cepsa operates in the sectors of hydrocarbons and the energy, including the refining and commercialization of derivatives of the petroleum, such as combustible for petrochemical motors and products. The operation notified to the Commission the 26 of June of 2011. Control of 95% of oil Cepsa the state one of Abu Dabi decided in February to buy to the Total French its participation of 48.83% of Cepsa, which, added to 47.06% that already it owned, will allow him to control 95.89% of the capital of the Spanish company. After the agreement with Total, IPIC, that entered the capital of Cepsa in 1988, will also take control of 92.24% of the vote rights of the oil one. The return that offers IPIC by the actions which it does not own rises to 3,966 million Euros, a number that increases until 4,037 million when adding the 0.5 Euros by title disbursed in the dividend. Cepsa indicated that the oil one of Abu Dabi will maintain ” espaolidad” of the company it will harness and it stops to turn it into one ” company lder” as much in Spain as at international level, taking advantage of his ” strengths actuales”.