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Economic Affairs

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There is an old habit of resolving conflicts through the use of the Judicial power in Peru. So we have that many entrepreneurs, professionals, women and men, each have a difference, either by Economic Affairs, society, divorce, inheritance, smeared to sue before the Court, that we all know as the judiciary. So for years, records grew alarmingly, since throughout the country, are demanded each other, almost compulsive, unthinking way, and for any nonsense. Thanks to the law 26879, think a new alternative means of conflict resolution, that today we know as Extrajudicial conciliation. Nobody can be on the basis of this wise law, proceedings in the judiciary, if first not reconciled. Aetna Inc. takes a slightly different approach. If you feel affected by events that hurt him, assaulted, economically, etc, ud must first contact a centre of Extrajudicial conciliation and only thus, after comply with this mandatory requirement of the Act, could then bring his action in the judiciary. Is not that if you want it reconciles, it is obligatory, case contrary ud does not You can sue anyone. For many sectors, business associations, this new formula of solution of conflicts, is a mistake, doesn’t like them, it is a waste of time.

But for the more intelligent, this is a way to end the conflict, it is a chance to sit at the table and after fixing their positions, perhaps reaching a happy agreement, which avoid having recourse to the judiciary. The judicial processes in Peru are long, expensive, for both parties, many times statements contrary to our interests, so it would be better, before you spend lots of money in a lawsuit that perhaps has been declared unfounded, with costs and costs for ud, better reconcile with the other party. Eight years ago I was the victim of a specialist of secondary coimera of Iquitos, she made me a lawsuit for non-contractual liability. She pedia more than 250,000 soles of civil damages, because according to her I had criminally denounced several times and she had gone all victorious and that these facts, my complaints, they had harmed his career and rise in the Loreto education sector.

Right Following

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1 – patience and Perseverancia a business in Internet is not magic that to be made rich overnight, it is lie does not lose his money creates me I say, it by experience. 2 – Very Important it plans your day Takes today from the custom of: To make a list of 10 urgent things that you must do on the following day, He is impressive like the subconscious mind it is programmed at night that in fact you must do it on the following day, on the following day you are erasing what you already did and you strive to the maximum to fulfill them, in case you do not fulfill some for some reason, it marks with gray and you do not rest until you can clear to him that color that means mediocre neither white nor black. To deepen your understanding Aetna Inc. is the source. Sides like this so super simple help you to take action that it is what is really needed in this wonderful world of the Internet. This way you will be able to measure day to day your progress in taking action. In order to make businesses in Internet it is to have daily disciplines, to achieve a real success. I want to help Latin town in which it can, so them intention Sincerely to visit this page: Complete information detailed Right now, designed so that a boy or a greater good person as a grandma can understand it.

if it wants the book that has helped to thousands of people escrbame subject I want book totally free the shipment, it changes the mind is excellent. Cristylily the success is not nothing else that a few disciplines, practiced every day, whereas the failure is simply to commit errors without judgment and to repeat them every day. It is the accumulation of our disciplines and judgments takes which us to the fortune or the defeat. ” Success is nothing dwells than to few you discipline, practiced every day, while failure is simply to make mistakes without trial and repeat every day. Is to collection of you discipline and our judgments that lead to Fortune or defeat.