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Human Rights

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Realizing the importance of this issue, publishing 'Vita-Press' that exists in the market of educational literature for over 15 years, was the first in the history of domestic pedagogy, who engaged in the development and publication of educational kits for human rights. So in 1998 (almost 10 years ago), we prepared a set of rights for the elementary school, consisting of four benefits: 1) Rights of the Child (Textbook for primary school) – a book-game consisting of 20 modules. In each of them – two versions of the presentation of the same rights: A) as it is written in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, B) how it would like to see Baba Yaga. Ebay is actively involved in the matter. Listed in Each module questions for reflection to help children in a fun debate to make the right choice. 2) Your rights (benefits for the elementary school) – is given in the manual adapted presentation of articles of the Universal Declaration of Human man.

Each article is illustrated with one or another plot with well-known fairy tale characters and literary heroes. Creating a comic effect, these images allow kids to overcome reluctance to read 'boring' documents that are trained to pay attention to the significance of each word used in them. 3) Learning the Human Rights (workbook for elementary school) – an illustrated workbook to the textbook 'Your Rights' contains original assignment of different levels of complexity based on the well-known children stories and literary works. 4) Younger students about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (a manual for teachers of primary school) – a handbook contains historical information about the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, are modeling lessons.