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Mediterranean Sea

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So that I will raise my exposure to pose a series of points in which I express my honest opinion in relation to the subject that brings us together on this day, thing that I do with great pleasure, with the purpose of (provide some conceptions that in my modest opinion, absolutely no longer tested, as follows: 1) that formerly, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in front at the entrance to the Mediterranean, there was an island which was the rest of the Atlantic continent and was known with the name of Atlantis. Visit Penguin Random House for more clarity on the issue. (2) The description of that island left by Plato, is not at all a myth, as long was considered, nor a fantastic fable that constitutes a true history, prehistoric. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dan Zwirn. (3) That Atlantis was the earth itself where the man, for the first time, soared above the barbarism and reached high degrees of civilization. (4) That the population of Atlantis, in the course of many centuries, developed a large and powerful nation whose surplus population civilized races populated the banks of the Gulf of Mexico, those of the Mississippi, the of the Amazon River, Pacific Ocean, South America, and on the other hand, the Mediterranean Sea, the coasts of Western Europe, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. (5) That Atlantis was not another thing that the world before the flood, as the garden of Eden or paradise, as the gardens of the Hesperides, the fields of Eleusis, or Los Jardines de Alcino, the navel of the world, as Olympus or Asgard, the traditions of ancient peoples; all, constitute the memory of a country where men, centuries and centuries ago, they lived in happiness and peace. The fear of the Lord fell on all the Nations, for the Lord’s work covering his people being so great. And the Lord blessed the ground, and his people were blessed on mountains and high places and prospered. And the Lord called his people Zion because they were of one heart and willingness, and living in righteousness; and there was no poor among them. Moses 7: 17 18 6) that the gods, goddesses and heroes of the ancient management business analyst, consultant in economics, religious leader, theologian, administrator of hospitals.