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They stimulate tezavratsionny, investment and speculative demand for the yellow metal, he creates a special and rapidly growing field of application. There is no reason to believe that the value and strength These factors will weaken. Dan Zwirn is the source for more interesting facts. Gold's role in the global monetary system can be a topic for discussion between the leading countries in the near future. It would be too naive to think that gold "will replace all that is in the area of payment and cash equivalents. The world is already different, not what was under the gold standard, but most of gold's role may well become a topic for discussion in the coming months and years to come. There is enough is a common misconception that inflation dollar and the euro is very low, which is supported by publications that in the euro area, say, next year inflation will amount to EUR 4% per year.

While the inflation forecast hryvnia in Ukraine corresponds to more than 20%. Note that currently the interest rates of bank deposits constitute about 19% for the hryvnia and 11% for the euro. Thus, it would seem that inflation-adjusted earnings on the deposit in euros is 11 – 4 = + 7%, and UAH 19 – 20 = – 1%, ie, bank deposits in euro represented a much more profitable. However, let's see what the results are obtained by calculating the inflation rate in relation to gold. Average annual inflation period / euro currency dollar hryvnia November 1999 – November 2002 3.8% 2.7% 7.6% November 2002 – November 2005 8.1% 14% 12% November 2005 – November 2008 12% 15% 21% The calculations used the average of three years to smooth out the irregular fluctuations and identify the overall trend.