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Pythagoras was a man great, since being an eminent mathematician does not waive to the analysis of the political thing. Some philosophers ignored this kind of materials, which demonstrates that they are indifferent, do because that can give them another name?, since if the philosopher want to investigate this class objects can do, thanks to the powerful qualities that are obtained with the study of philosophy, which allow you to come to the knowledge of the causes and by them is that he knows that fashion works the entire system. Every philosopher must pass judgment on this matter. As philosophers do not know that there is the political thing, they know the because. That is the big difference, we all know that some things exist because we see them or live in them, but very few know the because there are such things as they originate and how they work.

Pythagoreans believed that his doctrine was not accessible rather than the aristocracy, and that should help it dominate the mass of the people. By that thought this?, do perhaps by his knowledge mathematician associated with mysticism? Young, one of the most great thinkers who have walked the face of the Earth issued a completely different trial. Jose Celestino Mutis said: most men have believed that mathematics is a study to that very few should be allocated them. The source of this error has been born of the utility that those they imagine or weighted difficulty of this science; But if they came to know the need for mathematics, the ease with which are acquired and its close bond with other arts and Sciences, they would agree that everyone should apprehend them I have here misleading thoughts by the Pythagorean aristocracy. Which were envanecidos by his mathematical knowledge, without taking into account that the mathematics was born as a response to the need which passed through the villages.