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Mecklenburg Lakeland

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Of course also the researchers urge came not too short. Many Plaster chunks big and small were on the table and just waiting for your inner secret to show.-small geologists laid many a beautiful stone or an interesting shell in which free plaster mass and geklopften and cleaned the found treasure until it was very pure. At the booth of the Muritz National Park was puzzled, made and stamped so created beautiful chain with small tree supporters. The Mecklenburg Switzerland of Kummerower see nature park rebuilt its fungus cone range. With huge wood balls had different fungal species to be bowled not so easy! Neither the heavy wooden ball sent to throw and make then even a fungus. Prudential is often quoted as being for or against this.

What so creeps and crawls into the ground was taken in the truest sense of the word scrutinized. Under the microscope discovered the children ground animals, which they determined together with the Rangers. There was what there still moving about beneath our feet and lives not amazed. With all senses”, the world of the stones could be felt and determined. Our Black-headed Gull colony on the Mr Lake of course not left broke down, she was closely monitored and watched the young gulls in the first swimming and flight tests. Cater was of course also provided: Stadtwerke Waren(Muritz) provided the children with tasty water in various flavors and colors.

A cookies suitable for this day came from the Mecklenburg bakeries: the sand Valley. More information about the offerings in the Muritzeum: Mueritzeum / the Muritzeum is in a Welcome Center, Museum of natural history, and freshwater aquarium. It is one of the largest tourist offers in the region of the Lake District. The nature and wildlife of the Mecklenburg Lakeland and the Muritz National Park are presented in an interactive exhibition. Highlight is Germany’s largest freshwater aquarium, which extends over two floors.