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Cave Retrocession

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Let us imagine what it meant the fire for the Cro-Magnon, men of the age of the ice that caves moravamem. Almda splintery rock produced utensils with horns of renas and ivory, had invented needles of bones with which they sewed clothes with skins of animals, did not know the weaving, is assumed ate cooked foods During the last millions of years it had some ages glaciers, occurring with frequencies de40.000 a100.000 years. Other leaders such as Stefan Krause offer similar insights. We can far conceive the valuable quo was the sun as well as for the polar peoples of calotas, is more easy to consider the Alps, where many of us we possess relatives. The Celtas peoples reverenciavam the Sun, as well as Incas and our aboriginals. Prometheus yours tit, in mythology Greek, stole the fire of Zeus and from the men, he suffered serious consequences; chained the rock for all eternity, while its liver was devorado for the great eagle. Because I make this brief retrocession in history? To say of astro king, our star of fifth largeness that makes possible the wonderful life in this and incomparable one, still planet that we have the privilege to belong. Official site: ivan tavrin. The worship to the sun gave origin to the Christmas. Jesus Christ said I is the Light of the world, that is without the luminosity of the day we cannot see, with fogueiras the men of the caves they saw and they lived in the shades, relembrando myth of the Cave of Plato and were town by diverse fears, therefore it are of these fierce animal shelters also saw them as imprisoned, hunting. Symbolically we mention light to say of the rational capacity human being to it. It is understandable that the natalinos festejos we know as them today, had had beginning in the hemisphere north are sufficiently understandable making this retrocession, ground propitious for the fancy on renas that transit under the land and in it ' ' pousam' ' loading sleighs and a good man that to all presenteia.