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Around 150,000 PKV non payers have many privately insured debt in their private health insurance (PKV). Still, the survey of the financial portal FinanceScout24 revealed amounted the total height of this debt to around 300 million euros. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal explains what this means in detail. The insurance industry is somewhat cloudy at this delicate topic. Only few companies disclose concrete figures. According to estimates, there are probably around 150,000 PKV non payers.

According to the survey of the financial portal, especially the Halle and the ERGO Insurance Group of this problem are affected. After all, every 100th member contribution receivable has two insurers. This corresponds to at least one per cent of the insured. At Southern health insurance are also the invoices of 0.7 per cent of customers open. Usually try most insurance companies to find amicable solutions. Agreements on instalments can be depending on the provider or the entering of cheaper rates. Should these attempts fail an amicable solution, this may mean for the customer, it has to be reckoned with a limited obligation (ELP). In the event of a case the insured is informed about this but in writing.

Should all efforts fail, the forced change in a base rate remains the insurance as a last resort. The debtor is given then only need to add services at the level of the statutory health insurance.