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Elder Health Education

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Modern education to the elderly directs focus heavily on health promotion all slowly that prevent students their upper body to front. Almost in slow motion, they rise from her chair and doing feel the increasing body tension between the basin and their feet. Until they finally are. Brian Kzanich takes a slightly different approach. This note, how is shifting the pressure of her whole weight on the feet. A quick glance shows in the classroom of the school for elderly care Forum vocational training, where there is a major focus of the school concept. With kinesthetic exercises, the future elderly care nurse schools an important basis for their later working life the conscious movement and self-awareness. We want our students to maintain their own health and promote”, explains the principal Annekathrin Pentz. The background for the modern concept of the State-approved vocational school for elderly care Forum vocational training is quite simple: only who can take care of himself, is able to maintain others.

These theme. This is the vocational training college in addition to topics such as healthy eating in shifts,”relaxation techniques or also exercise an integral part of the training. Vocational school is for elderly Forum vocational training in the vocational school faculty as a pioneer. Here, rusty holzer expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Expertise alone is one in many other schools and nursing facilities. Kinesthetic is only a side issue.

Although the topic of central importance, there generally have great reluctance to trainers and employers”, confirms the kinesthetic coach Markus Wenniger, successfully offered integrated movement training for the vocational training FORUM college students in the classroom. Unfortunately a compared school exception. No time. I do not know. I’m not that reactions are often,”he says. This protects the health of not only the correct body mechanics, but ensures even faster and more effective work. To keep healthy and moving properly especially back-friendly and power-saving – is given high standards of the nursing profession A and O. And it lays the Foundation for a long working life. The loads in the nursing profession are sometimes so high that it can even lead to an early task of the profession,”Stefanie emphasizes Krampe. The Altenpflegerin and teacher at the vocational school of the FORUM of vocational education and training therefore developed a concept which anchored health maintenance and prevention within the training and also immediately integrated the topic with various activities of the master plan in all subjects with their bachelor’s thesis. “Jonny Pentz: our goal is to integrate that this characterizes the behavior of the students sustained this offer so in training.” Because only a healthy and health-conscious nurse can convince professionally professionally. In addition the training of personal competence to change the perspective: just the ability to register foreign needs quickly and to react to it correctly accounts for nursing professionalism. Training is this change of perspective Shadow day”a practice day at the nursing home. Thereby, students practice observing and perceiving. The trainees run just like a shadow”, explains Jonny Pentz this modern care training module. Whether in theory and practice: goals this modern training modules are the health of care and high-quality assistance for to care. A good way, the image of education profession of of care for the elderly in public which seems to improve. On the Jobmedi in Berlin at the 20.9.2013 10:15 Stefanie lecturing Krampe free “Perspective – practical nursing education”, the training and retraining to the / r elderly care nurse/Altenpflegerin Forum focuses on vocational education and training.


Adapt Germany

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The real life of any person on the planet is composed differently, and often predict what will happen in the upcoming future, is not accessible. Actually it is not excluded that it is definitely so, because she is unique – our real life. In general, all of those who are actually in our time because of certain moments, he moved to Germany, naturally did not plan it is still a child. Although vprochemne regardless of the main reasons for moving to this country, with virtually every person in this moment of real life is directly connected with Germany. And that means you need to know as much about Germany, so as soon as possible to adapt to the located around environment and natural feel myself not alone.

Without looking at the fact that in Germany as a result after the collapse of the Soviet Union moved to the large numbers of Russian, Germany, as in the past is a kind of state with its own culture as well as morals. The set-speaking population in this country could not affect the validity of the German style. In addition, despite the enormous period over whose property the country has found itself under some 'cap' from Germany, many were taken in other states, including some customs. Because how quickly people adapt to environmental conditions, will be directly proportional to the dependence of its level of enjoyment of their own lives. Familiarity with Germany's best to start by reviewing the history and culture of this country. To do this in full force and effect real use the Internet, namely the Russian-language Internet portal dedicated to the State. Of course, thanks to this here web site may not leaving my apartment or cottage to see the cities of Germany, acquainted with the cultural life and natural monuments. Directly acquainted with Germany is not possible to implement without reference to Berlin.

Berlin is definitely being the capital of Germany, for impressive period of time fulfilled the function is not exclusively territorial center, but also the cultural center of power. For the most part, one or another actor who goes to Germany, as a matter uniquely falls in Berlin, where he immediately gives her very first concert. Needless to say, consider using the World Wide Web all the sights of Berlin, it is impossible, but the main impression obtained is quite acceptable. You may want to visit rusty holzer to increase your knowledge. But at the same time to fully feel the significance of the sights of Berlin, and therefore productively begin to understand virtually every German, it is necessary to visit directly such places themselves. In fact, an indispensable primary source of data, especially regarding news of the last period, will be the web site. Directly which may be demanded not only those who live in Germany, but also for those who are just planning to go there. In addition to single out that of any Russian person, regardless because, in any country in the world it is important value, has any communication. Specifically for this purpose is, in general, all related to the site, specifically dating, forum, and of course block ads. Through this web portal, you can fully read than actually living today, without exception, all of Germany and Berlin in particular, and of course that an interesting sight in the near future and will certainly maintain ties with other Russian, which is definitely fate brought into this state.