5,16,37 Years

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All the people, boys and girls, pass for some changes. The physical changes are one of them. But our behavior and our skill to also think move throughout the years. When we have one 5 years we put in them in each situation. As for example when we leave close to our mother in the supermarket, and after a time hearing a voice that you think to come other world, more than in the truth its name is only the security of the place calling. – BEATRIZ, ITS MOTHER WAIT TO IT IN THE ENTRANCE OF THE SUPERMARKET! The mother is happy when seeing that the son is well, but only lacks to espocar of anger when the son hears to say: – The one that happened? Already to the 16 years when we want to leave with our friends and our mothers they say: – You do not go.

They costumam to hear the reply: – ' ' C' ' &#039 does not leave me to make nothing; ' vey' '. To the 37 years we hear in them to say: – It Would give to be here. The mother says: – I am well here. The son answers: – I was saying of mine manicure, my nails I estam horrible.