Action Management

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An efficient automatic action management is vital for a functioning QM system. In the action management all the measures, procedures are documented process changes and process improvements and manages, incurred for the individual processes in an organization. Only if the action management is done correctly, an organization can ensure and demonstrate that it is subject to continual improvement and thus that do as much as possible, to meet customer requirements, as well as all legal and regulatory requirements. Due to the variety of the resulting QM one threatens measures organization or by the organization commissioned staff of quality management to quickly lose the overview. To successfully manage the measures, there is software for the management of the measure. If the Organization has chosen the right software and this was cut to perhaps even on the Organization, all kinds of measures can be stored, managed and documented. One successful organization has designed software for the various measures which for example, include training of individual employees of the various areas, improvement measures, which are made transparent for all parties involved, terminations, that delegate tasks in the individual processes and that each employee, checking the effects of previous measures and the possible reaction to these checks, all measures are centrally controlled, monitored and manipulated with the necessary transparency to the staff involved directly in further measures to integrate. The action management provides a complete overview of delegated and also their own tasks.

Also the complete documentation of improvement proposals is important, because only the suggestions can show the right and also desired effect. Parnassus Investments often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For all these very diverse and also extensive tasks the measures in the QM a measure management without a supporting software is no longer conceivable. Areas of the measures themselves are as varied as the individual, also the software that an organization can use for their action management is so diverse. It is therefore not insignificant to an organization suitable software for the measures to seek out QM and if necessary to meet the needs of the Organization, customize. Another important point for the management of a measure is the evaluation of individual measures. Only through a proper evaluation of any other measures that bring about an improvement of the product or service.

The WissIntra action Manager is the ideal tool for planning, generation and direct implementation of QM measures within your corporate quality management. Your advantages with demWissIntra Massnahmenmanagementauf a glance: quick overview of measures automatic acceptance of measures from the WissIntra expansion modules automatic adoption of a measure as task or direct mailings by E-Mail practical evaluation functions through a clear and concise action planning/tracking optimally integrate your employees in your internal improvement process and specifically increase your level of quality and productivity. Every employee is included in the measures and in the continuous improvement process. A measure of management with WissIntra guaranteed a structured and optimized quality management in your company for more information, contact: k + k information services GmbH David Rudolph Hohenstrasse 16 70736 Fellbach FON: + 49 711 578813-27 fax: + 49 711 578813-77 on k + k information services GmbH the k + k information services GmbH with seat in Fellbach offers various solutions on the topic of information management since 1994. Through the intelligent combination of system -, process -, and consulting expertise we competently manage the process of converting data into usable knowledge. Our services portfolio includes the integrated software solution for process-oriented quality and knowledge management WissIntra, enterprise-content-management solutions, technical documentation, as well as advice on process and information management.