Admiral Wilhelm Canaris

Punta de Jandia – Fuerteventura of the views of the rugged coast is impressive and somewhat humbling, because one sees from this lighthouse the lighthouse the tourist stronghold of Morro Jable. The short air line is about deceptive across that the directions to the Punta de Jandia is pretty long and bumpy. Punta de Jandia – Fuerteventura caution BAD ban! Some may invite the lonely stretches of beach to the short jump into the cool water. We ask you but this not to doing, bathing because of strong currents, the seas and the many sharp rocks in the water is forbidden. 5. Cofete travelling time approximately 40 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz we go to another hermit village Cofete.

The village of Cofete provides two interesting attractions with its long sandy beach and the Villa winter. Cofete – Fuerteventura the driving directions to Cofete takes place through a bumpy and sometimes adventurous pass road. The viewpoint of Roque de Moro, at an altitude of 230 metres allows you a beautiful view over the coastline of Playa de Cofete. Peninsula de Jandia – Fuerteventura from the vantage point take a narrow and sometimes not well fortified road to the village and the beach. The village of Cofete was inhabited again only recently. In the village, a small restaurant exists as several sheep cheeses. From the place a road leads you to the Villa winter”. This Villa takes its name from the German engineer Gustav Winter, the to 1930 on Fuerteventura settled.

In 1938, Gustav Winter met with Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, Chief of German intelligence. Contents of this meeting are not known. It is only that in the years 1940-German workers came to Fuerteventura, to build the Villa of winter. Also, this stretch of coast to the closed military zone was declared as a result. Villa winter – Fuerteventura is believed that a secret U boat base for German subs of the second world war was built and operated in this part of the coast. Speculation go so far that the U should be been refueled boats on this coast not only for the fine ride but also to bring to South America after the war Nazigrossen. Since the Villa was studied until today not by an independent Commission, probably still one or the other secret holds you until today. Playa de Cofete – Fuerteventura a second dirt road takes you directly to the sandy beach. The currents in this stretch of coastline are but not to be underestimated. We ask You, on this stretch of beach very to be careful, because it also no lifeguards as there are big tourist beaches in Morro Jable (as of 2011). Here ends our day tour. We advise you to Morro Jable before sunset to take back, because the return is partly very poorly attached and ready also holds no lane markings. We hope this day description has helped you to spend a nice holiday in Fuerteventura. We wish you a beautiful Fuerteventura holidays. Your Combipix team