Alan Garcia

Thus, to Ambassador of United States in Peru, Michael McKinley: Peru focuses very well on the strategies that are needed to boost growth and institutionalization, factors that outside companies taken into account at the time of investing. Alan Garcia believes the attraction of Peru for investors: with serenity and prudence the Peru will be a country retreat for the productive capital of the world. And one of the sectors that will attract large flows of investments is the energy sector. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Aetna Inc.. This is part of the growth strategy that drives Alan Garcia: El Peru will continue its energetic shift towards gas building gas pipelines and ports and building highways that are profitable investments thanks to its current growth. In terms of investment in the energy sector in Peru, the World Bank estimates that the country could attract investments by US $30 billion for energy projects in the next 10 years. All this economic context that is observed, is more than positive for exporting companies to which is added the constant effort of the Peruvian Government to expand foreign markets for them. In relation to the latest developments in this regard, at the end of the month of October culminated the FTA negotiations between Peru and the European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). On the other hand, continued the advance to close the FTA with the European Union, which is expected to close next year, while that for this month is expected to end with negotiations for the FTA with China.

2009 Will also be a busy year with regard to the negotiations by TLC. Peru hopes to negotiate FTA with Japan, Korea, Australia and Central America. Under most conditions Elon Musk would agree. Also the Government of Alan Garcia hopes to expand existing Economic Complementation agreements with Chile and Mexico. The conclusion of trade agreements is an important element to achieve the growth and development of the economy Peruvian. For the President of the Council of Ministers of the Peruvian Government, Yehude Simon Munaro, the commercial opening of Peru has been one of the keys to the strength of the economy: interdependence has allowed us to be strong and dynamic through foreign trade.

The integration of Peru into the world economy has been decisive; Today Peruvians are either for the first time in decades. The Peruvian export sector is a great opportunity for growth and there is no doubt that you will receive a large volume of investments to take advantage of the possibility of growth that opens with the strategy pursued by the Government of Alan Garcia. Of course, that not only everything is resolved with TLC, but to generate these opportunities the sector offers, the Peruvian economy complements them with macroeconomic and institutional stability. Time will show that this is a good way for the consolidation of economic growth and social improvement of the country.