Alesis Fusion

A Controller vastly used was the Roland A-80, that had ample control of protocol MIDI, extension and action of piano. An example of also used Sequenciador to the exhaustion is Roland MC-50. Already it enters the many Modules of Sound that the industry poured in the market one that deserves prominence is the E-mu Protheus. Filed under: OGS – Man Utd. 2. Workstation + Modules of Sound.

This second configuration came a little later when the keyboards had appeared of the Workstation type that were capable to play the role of Controller, Module of Som and Sequenciador at the same time. The too much on modules saw MIDI still more extended the sonic possibilities of set-up. The Korg M1, launched in 1988, was first the great success of this category. Other examples are the Roland W-30 (that also it incorporated to sampler), the Korg 01/W and Ensoniq TS-12. This category of keyboards continues alive in the market and constant evolution.

It sees the example of the Korg Kronos, launched in this year of 2011, the Yamaha Motif XF, evolution of its impressive predecessor Yamaha Motif XS, or the Alesis Fusion 8HD. These set-ups, depending on its complexity, were difficult to be managed sufficiently susceptveis the errors. If on the other hand to take them it the palcos ones was a dangerous adventure, for another one they raised the presentations to a new platform. When all transcorria well, the reaction of the public always positive age and surprise. I had the luck of being maluco the sufficient to run this risk innumerable times and was offered with wonderful moments. He is clearly that also I had some migraines. But, if my memory not me trai, one and only one time I had a incontornvel problem that it compelled the band to stop and to jump for the next music (making of account that nothing had happened). Fortunately or for compassion I was not dismissed! No longer surrounding of the studio these instruments more than what had been well come and had started to produce resulted very interesting that had called the attention the people who worked in the branch. Musicians, producers and executives of great recorders had started to see in this way a world of sufficiently promising possibilities. The musical technology, vagarosamente, started to gain more and more adepts. In next text we go to continue seeing as if it gave the evolution until the current platforms of audio digital. Until there! Abraos, DANIEL PEIXXE PS: Who will have interest and to want to go deep itself still more, looks for to hear the sonorous track of the film Fire Covered carts (Chariots of Fire), composed for Vangelis Papathanassiou. This was the first track of cinema total made with sintetizadores and other electronic instruments, breaking the paradigm of the orquestrais tracks. The fusing of the worlds acoustic and electronic had a decisive landmark and represented here, especially in the field of the composition of tracks for cinema, a true watershed. In this workmanship also they are the roots of many based stations of work in sintetizadores that had appeared in the subsequentes years, also the configurations of which I treated in this text.