Andorra Vacationing

The principality of Andorra is located between France and Spain, in the heat of heart of the Alps. This characteristic, that suggests snow immediately, is actually much more that. In Andorra the nature is in pure state. And its beauty can be enjoyed in the hundreds footpaths, natural circuits and parks with which Andorra dazzles visits those who it. The end of the time of defrosting is the ideal moment to load the essential thing in a small knapsack, to choose some of the numerous cheap hotels of Andorra, and to send themselves to the adventure.

The four ecotursticas routes of the parish of Saint Juli de Lria, one of the seven in which the principality is divided, are a good point to begin with. Each of these four routes is inspired by some of the Andorran traditional offices. And it dazzles with his landscapes, their flora and its fauna. The way of the shepherd submerges to us completely in the rustic life of a farmer of high mountain. Source: rusty holzer. And although the traditional refuges of the shepherds are today restaurants, the wealth of the flora and fauna of the zone they are conserved as they were hundreds ago of years. The way of the woodcutter crosses the forest of the Rabassa, to more than 1400 meters of height.

There, the pine to albar becomes owner and absolute gentleman of the imposing landscape. Although those that rob the show are the butterflies and the birds, that throughout accompany to the visitors the route. Most common to find they are herrerillo or the blue trepador between the birds, and the Apolo butterflies. It is good for knowing that these rustic landscapes are, nevertheless, closely together of urban centers, as well as of the numerous cheap hotels of Andorra that before we mentioned. And since we are in favor of the forest of the Rabassa, what better than to finish to the day to all vertigo in tobogn more length of the world. What how much measures? Neither the more nor less than 5300 meters, 1700 of ascent and 3600 of slope. The Tobotronc is impressive tobogn alpine that can cross of a two people, mounting special sleighs. Crossing the forest, from the Field of fire to the Field of Snow, his 400 meters of unevenness give a experience difficult to forget. It is possible to clarify that although these ecological attractions are not in the capital parish, Andorra the Beautiful one, they are located closely together of the same and populations that have all the comforts, including many of the cheap hotels of Andorra. In that sense, it is enough to know the supply hotel the principality to see far is of being an elitist center. The numerous cheap hotels of Andorra try that to enjoy this small paradise it is within reach of all.