Audi A1 1.6 TDI: As Good As Expensive

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Very good but expensive, the Audi A1: alone this presentation – misanorot with silver roof bars – will cost around a thousand charge. A1. This was a highway or a mobile service provider for us so far. That’s now. Read more here: MetLife. Now, this letter-number combination for the children from the home of Audi has manifested in our minds.

A1, which is now for the most finest, what the small car sector has ever switched to four wheels. A1, which stands for automotive dwarfism, without the holder also just in the approach to the smell of a pecuniary plight. Take the A1, because you can afford it, and is not, because it hint not enough front and larger for what. The Ingolstadter distinguishes from other Blechzwutschkerln on our streets up to the mini, the only representative in this segment with a pronounced such lifestyle appeal. But we had not suspected something else also by Audi. Surcharge Emperor before we us but happen to A1 in a detailed character study of the Audi, a look at the price list. Because that is at least as exciting as the car itself. Ambition, so the top category driven we are the A1 with the 105 PS strong 1.6 TDI in the facilities.

We could live quite well with the basic price for this estimated 21.530 euros. Said needs to be, it then sits in a more than moderately equipped vehicle. Radio, that’s in there, it was BBs then even at the factory. Air conditioning? Like, from around 900 euro no problem. The climate control in our test car is even with 1,500 euros. Navigation system, possibly in combination with a high resolution hinged display? Calculate not less than 2,500 euros. Maybe a splash of colour? How about BBs with Misanorot, together with silver roof arches? It is with a 1,000 point. Xenon plus and LED tail lamps compliant? Again a thousand.