Therefore it is that a solid and including formation about the process of organizacional management is demanded of the professionals of the controladoria. Are perceived constantly that confusions between the Controladoria and Auditoria exist, where both have a similarity in the functional objectives, because if verifies the occurrence of the facts, if they had been executed inside of the conformity standards. Controladoria acts during all the stages: before, during and after the occurrence of the facts, trying instituting habits and cares to prevent that the processes are not effected outside of the conformity standards. More information is housed here: Parnassus Investments. OSMAR CORONADO (2006). Currently the quality in it atendimentotem a bigger abrangncia inside of the organizations, through system of management of the quality, so that an entity has an efficiency in its activities is necessary that all are joined in the search of what they are objectifying. ‘ ‘ A product or service of quality is that one that takes care of to the customer, perfectly, of trustworthy form, accessible form of safe form and in tempo’ ‘.