Authority And Leadership

There are many symptoms that are explained as the sequel to a lack of authority in our society, and which placed the family as one of the main causes that this is so. Maria Garcia Amilburu, Professor of theory and history of the education of Uned, points directly to the family, since there is where the individual is socialized, first insertion in society occurs through. And if the authority is lost there, either because parents are working all day and to compensate for give children all the vagaries, well because separated parents try to win children to base of SAG, the child will already grow without it.. Likewise, in addition to the family, refers crisis of authority in other areas of social life. However, the same society that accepts having a crisis of authority, is one which is concerned by how proliferate environments where there is a harassment based on irrational authoritarianism. In this sense, and recently, an investigation of the company Otto Walter, pointed out that after having interviewed seven hundred fifty workers, nearly half were dissatisfied with their bosses, and the reason that overwhelmingly pointed to were the disrespect towards his subordinates: more than 37% of respondents felt that his boss was conceited, proud, or believed to top, and exercised a control based on a stifling authoritarianism model. But why it happens all this?, we handle well with the concept of authority?.

We are going to the dictionary. DRAE, tells us that the authority is credit that by their merit and fame, is given to a person in the particular field. Analyzing the definition, we will establish that if it’s a credit or capital may, depending on how it is administered, increase or decrease; and on the other hand if its two key components are the merit and fame, we convendremos that they are the result of good deeds in the exercise of the activity that occupies us inexcusably.