Benefits Heaters

Posted on December 2, 2016 in General by

Oil heaters – one of the most common types of heaters in the world, they gained their popularity due to ease of installation and ease of use. To heat the room enough to place it in a convenient place for you, and turn into an outlet. The design of the oil heater is simple and reliable, simple terms – a metal radiator, filled with mineral oil, and heating element. To date, many models have built-in protection from overheating and a rollover sensor, making it instantly turned off when dropped or overheated. One of the major advantages of the oil heater is a low body temperature.

This seems a little odd, but thanks to this particular oil heater does not burn oxygen in the room, unlike all other types of heaters. When choosing an oil heater should pay attention on power, on average, it ranges from 1 – 2,5 kW. Power should be chosen depending on the area of the premises which you intend to heat, for warming the building is to take the values of 1kW to 10m2. Also in the oil heaters impose additional functions: timer, fan, auto shut off. Most of them are equipped with a thermostat, which maintains the temperature of the heater at the right level to periodically turn it off so you can save some electricity.