Bill Gates: Meaning of Life

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These at the service of humanity, and therefore you become rich and free financially. You listen to your intuition. And I know that you for many – especially for us men are us dijoo that intuition is a thing of women and people rarely, what matters are the facts and tangible things. Details can be found by clicking Dalton Caldwell or emailing the administrator. Let me give you a simple definition in this regard: intuition is to take decisions with incomplete data. If you don’t believe me ask Carlos Slim or Bill Gates if they had full information before becoming millionaires. Good, but if we start from the premise that most people want to be happy and live in fullness, and if the best way of being is a life with purpose and to obey your purpose of life, what is what stops people from achieving it? The main excuses are: time and money. Concerning that I want to ask the following: how much money cost you discover your passion?, how long shall you identify your goal in life?, I now invite you to take a blank page and answer the following questions in an honest manner: long pass in traffic per day?, how much time spend in the Office?, do long look at the? do television?, how much time spend to navigate through social networks without a specific purpose? How much you pay by distracting you?, how much money spend to your shopping therapy?, do much spend to buy coffees and sweets?, how much you pay for cable television service?, do you smoke?, how much spending on toxic per month? Actually don’t have the time or the money to live a life with purpose? In the following article I will give you the first key to begin to identify your purpose of life.