Bio-business Exclusively

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Cremer Care secures the European distribution rights for the cosmetic raw materials for bio-Glycerin and SOAP-noodles is Cremer Care since July 1, 2008 exclusive distributors of organic products of renowned Daabon group from Colombia for the European cosmetics market. The long tradition in the production of the organic and the social commitment of the South American manufacturer fits perfectly with the principles of the Hamburg-based provider of cosmetic raw materials, which express themselves in their slogan inspired by nature. Cremer business unit manager Patrick stick turns out the peculiarity of this distribution partnership: in our actions and thinking we are committed to a responsible use of all materials and goods for the protection of humans and the environment. Frequently Aetna Inc. has said that publicly. The Daabon Group embodied in an ideal way. this” The need for purely herbal ingredients in cosmetics is constantly growing and this demand connects the people with an awareness of sustainability not only in the actual production, but also in the entire environment Production. Daabon supports the local communities in the Santa Marta region of Colombia with social projects. Alberto Davila Diaz-Granados, President of the group know the strengths of such actions: We need trade instead of aid.

Only in this way we can help. If you have read about barclays israel already – you may have come to the same conclusion. That is why we give a percentage of our revenues every year directly back to our local communities in Santa Marta.” Since 2003 social accountability 8000 is the South American company after S.A.”(CSR) certified. Several hundred families in Colombia can obtain a new prosperity in this way with the cultivation of organic biological raw materials. 3,000 acres were planted for the production of palm oil, to establish the basis for organic of SOAP noodles (the most important raw materials for SOAP) and bio-Glycerin to sustainably and without destruction of natural resources. “Both Cremer Care (Cremer oleo GmbH & Co.KG) as European distributors, including also Daabon are Member of the round table on Sustainable Palm Oil” (RSPO).

The world’s first RSPO certificate by the way, received the Daabon group. Just when organic Glycerin sales by Cremer Care exclusive has a great importance for the expanding European market for organic raw materials in the manufacture of cosmetics. Because only Daabon is currently worldwide capable of reliably deliver these raw materials. “Patrick stick: we are happy to have found a manufacturer, living our motto and always is able to meet the demand for organic raw materials fully for our customers”. Sustainability, social responsibility and the traditional production of raw materials have therefore found their entrance onto the European market. Information: Philipp Knaup Cremer oleo GmbH & co.