Brazilian State

The public administration, throughout the years, substantially in accordance with did not change the transformations of the administrative theories. The approach of these theories was turned preponderantly toward the improvement of the processes in the enterprise administration. If it cannot say, however, that the Public Administration has not suffered influences from the theoretical evolution in the scope of the Science of the Administration. It occurs that its development, in direction to the increasing efficiency, is slower, if compared with the Business administration. The Brazilian State, sufficiently young of delayed industrialization, had that to be modernized to propitiate the growth of the country. This process gained impulse from 1995, through the Managing Plan of the reform of the device of the State and, later, with the approval of the Constitutional Emendation n. 19 in 1998, as will be argued in the topic in which that the subject of the Public Administration in the current days will be faced. Of this form, an effort of the public administration in the direction of the modernization is noticed, looking for to solve disfunes bureaucratic e, thus, to contribute for the improvement of the quality of the public services given to the citizens, with limits in the ditames constitutional and obeying the principles of the impessoalidade, the legality, the morality, the advertising and the efficiency.

The present article presents consideraes on the Public Administration and discourses on its relevance. It has the objective to analyze the applicability of the concepts that conduct the public administration, which will help to create mechanisms to make possible the implantation of the public politics in attendance to the necessities of society. Amongst some available methods, the chosen one to guide this work was the deductive method with a descriptive and bibliographical research. 1 necessary Concepts to the agreement of the subject Public Administration Is excellent the definition of some concepts for the agreement of the subject Public Administration.