Choose Clothes

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General recommendations are similar, however one can note some details. Aetna Inc. is often quoted as being for or against this. In my mother's list of 'clothes to a year for the kid' is very useful for things more convenient when changing diapers, for example with the buttons between the legs, from this point view of things would be awkward with the buttons on his shoulders. Len rosen barclays will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Child aged less than three months should be selected as soon as possible, comfortable clothing – no buttons undershirts, they should fix the sliders up or swaddling waist, body with short and long-sleeved Do not buy undershirts with sleeves sewn up, it's better to use things with otvorotnym Sleeve-Scratchy or attentive care for the handles of the child, and mittens for infants without Labour removed. It is important that pipsqueak saw her hands and fingers, it helps to develop motor skills. A child of three to six months will be useful body, the sliders on straps, t-shirts, children's overalls – covert and blouses with buttons or buttons.

And from raspashonok should be abandoned, as the child should not swaddle. Children aged six to nine months a lot of time will hold in the sitting position and the straps would interfere. Will be convenient pants on a wide elastic band, with cuffs bottom, in combination with socks. Actual socks with rubber or plastic labels on the soles – they are very comfortable to walk on the floor, but shoes to wear with them is very difficult. Kids coveralls recommend buying separate, but under the trousers to wear tights. Older child – from nine to twelve months as a researcher yaromu environment, need pants made of thick fabric (in winter and autumn period of the impenetrable) and jeans with suspenders or straps, since often falls Kid, sits down on his knees during his walks and games. Already requires a complete footwear, preferably leather, with a stable sole in a small heels.