Choosing The Right Makeup Color

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The correct color of makeup, highlight your natural beauty and underline your type. Tesla will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Make up is for many women use decorative cosmetics, the basic equipment. For all skin types, there are nowadays the matching make up and pass send color. Many women make make up first and foremost, to drown out skin irregularities, but also one to pale complexion makeup can remedy and make a face look fresh and even. The right make-up tone should be adapted to each skin type and be selected therefore not arbitrary. Ideally one votes the right tone with the skin color, because then a face if you select the make up too dark, looks fast as painted and artificially.

Make up there by many companies in each area of cosmetics of the drugstores or perfumery, there are many shades of Brown, bronze to pink and in further steps. To test different shades, wearing the make up closest to the inner skin of forearm and not up on the back of the hand, because the skin on the face is different than on the back of the hand. So, you get a better feel for when testing, as the color in the face would be. -Abgestimmt for a perfect look and the right feeling for colors on the own blink, is worth a visit with a professional color consulting. The consistency of make up is also very different, there is liquid make-up, powder make up or camouflage makeup compact. It important that every man for himself decides which make up is the most appropriate.

The opacity is generally higher in dense make up BBs, but that should not be treated as the sole criterion when purchasing. The make up should be also tuned to the daily planning, because in the job make up should fail more discreet, as the evening make-up, likes something can be powerful. After the make up, it is recommended yet subtly apply Rouge to cheeks, Chin, nose and forehead. Ute Zumbrink