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Brazil evolves in the index of steel recycling for drinks (78% for 88%),1 latinha weighs 14,5 grams. 67 latinhas corresponds the 1 kg Each 1,000 kg corresponds the 5,000 kg of rude ore (bauxite) saved. Source: Brazil possesss one of the 3 bigger bauxite reserves of the world, to recycle aluminum is expenses only 5% of the energy used in the extration, that is, a economy enough to keep illuminated 48 residences. Learn more about this with Dankse Bank. In Brazil inhabitants are consumed 51 cans//year. In U.S.A.

375 cans/inhabitants/year, an aluminum can delay 100 years more than to putrefy themselves in natureza.2.5. Implantation of logistic reversa: 1 – Adequacy of Mix de the Produtos.2- Project for Logistic Reversa packings. 3 – Industrial processes, strategy organizacional.4- Competitiveness and Enterprise Responsibility. 5 – Specific functions, Analysis of the Cycle of Life. 6 – Project of the Reversa.7- Net Levels of Integrao.8- Collections, Consolidation, Mercados and Informaes.9- Partnerships Terceirizaes.10- Project of the Fiscais.10-Classification Aspects of the Propriedades.2.6. Categories of Produced Goods: Milk (2003) classifies the products in three different classrooms, a time that different products possess different times of discardings, where some products can last hours while others can last decades, being they: 1.

Dismissable goods: They are those that present useful life of weeks rare six months (Former: ice cream); 2. Durable goods: They are goods that present useful life varying of some years to some decades. They constitute good for satisfaction of the social necessity and include the industrial goods in general. The automobiles, the household-electric ones are part of this category; 3. Semidurable goods: they are good that presents useful life of some months, rare superior to some years. They are of a category intermediate that assumes characteristics of durable or dismissable to the measure that reverses (Former enter in the canals: batteries of cellular, computers and etc.). We can also classify product reverse in categories according to type of return which it is subject, in agreement one if follows: 1.