Conference of Copenhagen

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In the Conference of Copenhagen – COP-15 that is sendorealizada since day 7 of December, with ending foreseen for day 18 desteano of 2009, was clear the indisposio of the great leaders in recognizing aimportncia of the crucial event as something to the life in the planet. Under gide dodiscurso neoliberal, all perceived in them dosapelos the demaggico tone and the submission of ambientalistas and the people to its econmicasengessadas and compromised strategies with not sustainable projects. The Climatic Conference congregated the leaders of the naesresponsveis for the emission of most of the harmful gases to the environment. Almdesses, thousand of organizations, ecological agents and ONGs mobilized to paracobrar concrete actions and joint decisions that they aim at to attenuate the effect damudana in the climate of the planet. The global heating is a reality. It must, mainly, me the management of the development of the nations of First World and to the bad job of the resources for its maintenance. Important Omais withholds such reality is the reduction of the emission of gases queprovocam the effect greenhouse.

The goal is its almost absolute reduction until the year of 2020.Conclamam very has for this event international organizations, pesquisadorese famous scientists e, in Brazil, specifically lives a great one aomovida for the WEBCITIZEN, an organization that the nip of relaesentre defends citizen and governments; exactly, what it was verified in this event. Andres Blse its associates had obtained to mobilize blogueiros of all the country for argue thematic in a scope each more including time. Recently, the Brazilian television detached the presence denosso president and its eloquente rank, making responsible next to outroslderes for the improvement of the current conditions of the climate, however possibility of the failure for the omission left frisadaa well of that more they collaborate to paratornar extreme the reality where the planet if finds. Land tremors, Tsunamis, effect devastadores on aspopulaes and ecosystems, irregular distribution of rains, storms that surpass expectations in some points of the Mundi Map, eschatological situations. While in the Europe it has heat indices quechegam the 40 centigrade degrees, in Brazil, the sosubmetidaos Southeast and the south intempries as storms. hurricanes and cyclones, eoutras areas of the country are transformed into desert. It was not enough tudoisso dosoceanos the thawing sped up of calotas polar and the consequent advance on coastal cities. Everything because of one only protagonist: the man.

It is who has to decide this now. The change has of virde each one, the society must organize, charge of its reasonable controllers aesconcretas and. The health of the planet demands this of each one. De&#039 is not treated; ' to improve for who comes depois' ' yes to prevent worse in NOW. While the governing of other nations make tourism politician, let us make each one what it fits in them. It takes care of of its garbage! It does not buy furniture wooden not certified! It does not vote in corrupt! It does not wait that world moves without its contribution! Apie the actions of ambient education of its school or daescola of its son!