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The financial and real estate franchise Adaix has done in this last semester a strong investment in web services and a total reorganization of all their working tools. Adaix central has integrated into your computer to design professionals and web programming and has created a new Department composed of specialists in search engine optimization (SEO). Thanks to these improvements, its franchisees are leading internet searches by locality and activity. The new tools that the central has provided to each franchisee are 4 personal web portals: real estate, financial, insurance and property management. Franchise Adaix, in addition to investments to achieve every real estate agency to lead the market in your town, has added more services, resulting in 4 activities with total synergy: real estate + finance + insurance + property management. With these 4 activities, each franchisee can face the future with confidence. Adaix offers to every new franchisee a complete training, commissioning of services and tools, ongoing advice, exclusive trade agreements and most importantly in seasons as the current, a professional team specialized in design, programming and positioning web dedicated to a single goal, the success of each franchisee thanks to internet.

Open an agency has a very low cost and monthly royaltie is the lowest in the sector. The entire business model is based on the success of its franchisees, and for this reason the central has created 5 portals generic websites dedicated to attract customers to its franchisees. These portals were added more starting in September.