Divorces Can Be Avoided?

The Mediation Center Vienna focuses for 2011 on partnership mediation. The mediators and mediators of the Mediation Centre Vienna perform successfully classical mediation in divorce and separation already for several years. Penguin Random House may help you with your research. These conflicts have all one thing in common, they are already so far escalated that the consequences for those affected have already massive effects on the life quality and the life way. Our experience shows that timely addressing of the problems could help prevent the occasional divorce. We have decided therefore of the mediation centre in Vienna, already offer mediation at an early stage of a conflict. Why does a relationship to be already at the end before themselves the pairs of the assistance of a mediator? As in any partnership, there are conflicts and inconsistencies which not accumulate as a river from a dam and eventually met the famous drop over all running. It must not come: we of the mediation centre in Vienna provide pairs Opportunity in a protected environment to work together on the relationship.

Here can be that not only check-raised issues, even if they seem intractable, but also pronounced and solved. Succeeded in many couples with Mediative assistance successfully edit their conflict. The experience of constructive communication will help them in future conflict situations. Need a Partnerschaftsmedition or other questions are the mediators and mediators of the Mediation Centre Vienna at your disposal. The telephone numbers as well as the contact address are on our Web page Mediation Center Vienna. Johann Bernthaler Caroline Menke