DJ Alex Costanzo Mixed Elektro With HipHop

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Electro-House child know how move the masses in the clubs as Electro / House / HipHop tripple the new track will be sold by Alex Costanzo. Costanzo remained faithful to his energetic nursery, season the track in turn stampf house beats with sawtooth-like, glidegebundenen BassHook elements. A perfect composite pitch Portamento and a magnificent interplay of sound scenes, paves the way with every single fiber is the Club addicts and thus brings a dangerous dependency. In the urban music-based artist LUANA underlines the individual hip hop note of the track with the gestrecht corrected pitch drifts of her soulful VocalLine. The HipHop Lady who is active around the world both as a singer, MC, gives the track a good amount hip hop flavour in the unilateral Club man but also the female point of view co-a welcome change. For the rhymes you could blame also the spring a Timbaland or Lil Wayne, cover a Kanye West for the Vocalbearbeitung in the eye or the stylistic independence apply, such as in a Fergie and Nelly Furtado.

Alex, even an electro-house child of first-generation know how move the masses in the clubs, also, if the electric style is a little oversaturated. He produces, writes and sets, where he repeatedly moves the bar into new stylistic crossover heights. The remix by Adrian Martin (Miniload REC VVWI REC, Releaseyourself, Genowefa) brings us a different view of the track. Adrian’s mix, backed up by deep filtered basslines and gentle 808 minimal drums, creates a minimalist soundscape true to his style. Black spirit and XFlash, which already Fatman Scoop as a remixer were able to convince other House remixes to control.