Donors Pairs

Even if I cannot recognize young in the photos, this initiative is a blessing for all the parents who, like us, practically was lost all hope declares to the China Daily newspaper a mother who in 1999 lost her son of five years. In the majority of the cases, the minors were kidnapped or robbed, but also numerous cases of pairs exist that had a girl and who, due to the policy of the only child, decided to sell it to return to try to generate a son man. The children with whom they commercialized these networks are bought by people of other provinces that wish a boy or pairs that by their own means cannot have it. These children, according to the NGO Baby Come Home, are treated like own children. In fact, sometimes their own families and neighbors do not know that they are not biological children.

One also says, that the majority of these minors was kidnapped when they were babies and practically they have developed affective bows with his detectors. According to the China Daily newspaper are children who stop to return with their parents force to them to sign agreements that guarantee that they will be able to return to live with its detectors at least months to the year. Another lucrative business and that occurs is the blood sale. The Increase of the Demand and the little sanitary controls have originated the Proliferation of more than three million Donors " profesionales" , increasing the risk of the Propagation of the virus of the AIDS it is spoken at least from which the Bodies bodies could come from the black market exceeds it comments, that the denunciations from which Bodies comes from non-uniform black market in China date from 2005 and have continued, in average Americans, until February of the 2008.