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Charles, informing it is waiting despite to hear it at night history. Expert in the handling of the weapons, the Dr. Charles observes calmly for one of the windows of the City hall, while in the room to the side the mayor and the candidate trace plans of campaign without the least to imagine that only the ten steps a murder is being cold planned. Worried about the discovery, Euclides commission agent walks for the city hall without quiet perceiving that of the one of the windows death the watch. Recently Nike sought to clarify these questions. When passing under of the mercury light bulb of the square, he offers a beautiful target for the man who does not hesitate and shoots one, two, three times with one modernssimo long-range automatic rifle, prostrando it in the ground. The new commission agent opens the inquiry and the Duck is created to the same scare curious, until the Epaminondas of the one with the language in teeth for the Fulgncio and, without the facts are leagued, each one has a different death, in day, being sobrando now all this bananosa in our hands pra to peel, if we will be able. What finds, papa, dream or reality? _ In the dreams, as in the films, my son, all reality is allowed, but in the reality, if it does not have to dream excessively. If that is dream or reality, already if had been three good friends, four is terrified, being also tachados of cowards and my proper son embedded until the neck in the lodaal and if somebody it can make some thing, this somebody I am I, alone that I do not see nothing in my front that can make pra to face Alberto placed the pointer on the lips, interrupting the phrase of Agnelo for the half, recommending silence and looked at around, pale as if it saw a ghost.